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  1. Gain access to tools and techniques you can immediately apply on the job! Expand your leadership toolkit to mobilize others to get things done. Apply online today
  2. ars, and Departmental Honors programs are some of these opportunities (First-Year Se
  3. ate for NYU's University Leadership Honors Course. If you would like to be considered for one of Gallatin's four spots, we ask that you submit an application by Friday, September 25th. Read on to find out what the ULHC is and how you can.
  4. The University Leadership Honors Course (ULHC, 2 credits) focuses on high-achieving sophomores who might be strong candidates for prestigious national and international post-graduate fellowships, scholarships, and leadership programs. The course is team-taught and combines readings, discussions, interactive sessions, self-assessment tools with.

The University Leadership Honors Course is focused on high-achieving sophomores and juniors at NYU, giving us the unique opportunity to explore the theory and practice of leadership. This semester, there are about twenty-four students in our class spread across eleven of the NYU schools Over the course of undergraduate study, honors students may: Enroll in special honors courses with international travel components; Conduct independent student research under the supervision of a faculty member; Engage in service and leadership activities; Compete for University and National Scholarships (Fulbright, Rhodes, etc.

Faculty within NYU's 19 schools and colleges teach cutting-edge courses on leadership at the undergraduate and graduate levels, each offering a unique vantage point on the knowledge and skills needed to lead teams and manage organizations, envision and deliver innovative solutions, shape public discourse, address current social issues, and more Leadership Development. Leadership development at NYU advances the mindset, knowledge, and skills necessary to effectively lead yourself, others, thinking, and results at the level expected of each role, in order to accomplish the mission of the University. To foster leadership development across NYU, the Office of Talent, Learning, and. Courses taken at other schools and colleges at NYU may be excluded from the GPA calculation per the policy of the program. Residency Requirements. Each school or college at New York University has its own set of credit requirements for you to be considered for latin honors within their programs University Leadership Honors Course | A course offered each spring semester as a team-taught interdisciplinary seminar, led by the Deputy President of NYU. Students accepted for ULHC are introduced to readings, interactive sessions, and self-assessment tools, but also participate in special meetings wit

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LEARN MORE Tisch Center Student Sabrina Urban Selected for University Leadership Honors Course June 1, 2021 The NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality Will Offer Executive Education Programs to Professionals in the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Sector That Are Tailored to Build Critical Digital Marketing. Matriculated students with superior academic records are honored in various ways, such as by placement on the Dean's Honors List, election to honor societies, and admission to departmental honors programs. Additional information may be obtained from departmental advisers and from the College Advising Center, Silver Center, Room 905; 212-998-8130 6. That more leadership development opportunities be created for undergraduates. The University Leadership Honors Course, which is taught by Diane Yu (Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President) and which debuted in spring 2011, is an example of a curricula

Students also have opportunities to receive other university-wide distinctions, such as President's Service Awards, the University Leadership Honors Course, Bell Public Service Scholarships, Dalai Lama Fellowships, SSC Conference Fund Grants and Wasserman Center Internship Grants, among many other awards Academics. Graduates completed 39 second majors and 114 academic minors, receiving multiple university honors, and departmental honors (thesis prizes in other departments pending) 54 honorees for the NYU Founders' Day Award, named as University Honors Scholars. 1 recipient of the Mitchell Scholarship, the first NYU student selected in our history

The NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality Will Offer Executive Education Programs to Professionals in the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Sector That Are Tailored to Build Critical Digital Marketing Skills Tisch Center Student Sabrina Urban Selected for University Leadership Honors Course. LEARN MORE. Latin Honors (GLS only) To graduate with Latin honors, a student must have completed at least 64 points in the GLS B.A., in courses in which letter grades were received. All graded courses taken while enrolled in GLS, including courses taken from other divisions of the University, will be used in computing the honors average 2 NYU Leadership Fellows alumni; 3 University Leadership Honors Course alumni; 1 participant at the Leadership Summit on Climate Change; 4 Presidential Service Awards; 3 International Student Leadership & Ally awards; 7 Global Engagement Symposium presenters, incuding winner of overall Film Priz

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  1. Our track in American Political Practice and Leadership recognizes students who gain skills in applied American politics via a study-away semester at NYU-Washington DC, while acquiring the substantive, analytical understanding of U.S. politics provided by American politics courses offered at NYU Washington Square. Our honors program provides.
  2. Taking place at NYUAD, SMSP is a nine month leadership oriented program for high achieving students from three federal universities in the UAE, while ULHC is a semester-long leadership course for high-achieving undergraduate students from all three of NYU's global campuses
  3. NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Programs in Business to Host the 13th Annual Tax Controversy Forum Remotely on June 24 and 25. Tisch Center Student Sabrina Urban Selected for University Leadership Honors Course. LEARN MORE Tisch Center Student Sabrina Urban Selected for University Leadership Honors Course March 26, 2021
  4. NYU courses taken for a Pass (P) grade, noncredit NYU course grades, and grades from courses taken at other institutions are not included in the Latin honors computation. Gallatin Senior Project The Senior Project is a semester-long, four-unit, intensive independent research and/or creative project that undergraduates students work on under.

Sophomore John Ward is way too modest. Asked why he thinks he was chosen to take part in the University Leadership Honors Course, which is led by NYU Deputy President Diane Yu, he expresses some befuddlement. It probably has to do with my research, he finally admits Chair, Department of Administration, Leadership, and Technology. A Salute to the Recipients of 2021 Honors and Awards. Presented by Delmy M. Lendof Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Presentation of the Degree Candidates Presentation of the 2021 Honors and Awards NYU Steinhardt Life. A salute to the Class of 2021. Credit They have the opportunity to take service-learning courses, and they may be able to develop research opportunities from their experiences. Finally, the Honors Corps leads and participates in University-wide events that focus on service and the development of leadership NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study Suhyla was selected to join the Dean's Honor Society and the University Leadership Honors Course. She currently works with Muslims Giving Back, where she founded the DREAM program, an initiative to empower Muslim youth. Suhyla hopes to contribute to research regarding notions of power in the.

Latin Honors. NYU Shanghai students are awarded Latin graduation honors based on cumulative grade point average through seven semesters of coursework: (highest honors) is awarded to the top 5 percent of students. (high honors) is awarded to the next 10 percent of students. (honors) is awarded to the next 15 percent of students In 2020, she was selected to participate in the University Leadership Honors Society. In addition to her work as a lab technician, Sophie works as a learning assistant at the University Learning Center, and interned in the summer of 2020 at the International Aids Vaccine Initiative where she worked on a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

A dedicated Honors adviser and the opportunity to participate in specialized extracurricular events throughout the year that build a strong sense of community. One tuition-free summer course (up to four credits) for three consecutive summer sessions. This course may be taken at any NYU school, including the NYU Study Away sites The program starts in January and consists of six two-hour in-person sessions over the course of six months at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, 550 First Avenue in Manhattan. Additional meetings are based on team interest and availability. The curriculum includes a personal and professional assessment and covers topics such as leadership and. Jessica Moldovan is an Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU School of Law where she teaches the course Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion with Kenji Yoshino. She previously served as a Research Fellow at the Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Before joining the Center, Jessica clerked for the Honorable Cheryl Ann Krause on the United.

Courses taken at NYU before admission into Gallatin are included in the GPA and in the 64-credit requirement for Latin honors. NYU courses taken for a Pass (P) grade, noncredit NYU course grades, and grades from courses taken at other institutions are not included in the Latin honors computation Honor Code. As a student in the College of Arts and Science at New York University, you belong to a community of scholars who value free and open inquiry. Honest assessment of ideas and their sources is the foundation of what we do. Our University is a community of mutual trust and respect in which personal prejudice has no part in the critical. NYU's Office of Talent, Learning, and Organizational Development offers professional development programs and resources to help you succeed in your role and advance in your career. We also provide customized services and training that address specific needs of schools and units. Mindset, Knowledge, and Skills. Programs address the three interlocking components of professional growth at NYU. New York University New York University University Leadership Honors Course Diane Yu, Deputy President of NYU Jan 2018 One of 23 students from class of 12,000 selected for course designed to.

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Course Description. This is an introduction to the rigorous treatment of the foundations of real analysis in one variable. It is based entirely on proofs. Students are expected to know what a mathematical proof is and are also expected to be able to read a proof before taking this class. Topics include: properties of the real number system. This course concerns the latest techniques in deep learning and representation learning, focusing on supervised and unsupervised deep learning, embedding methods, metric learning, convolutional and recurrent nets, with applications to computer vision, natural language understanding, and speech recognition. The prerequisites include: DS-GA 1001. Full-time faculty in the Educational Leadership program. Full-time faculty in the Educational Leadership program Honors Seminars NYU Abu Dhabi Course Equivalencies NYU Shanghai Course Equivalencies Graduate Graduate Back. Summer Abroad January and Spring Break Abroad Intern Abroad Go Local at NYU Shanghai. What is the University Leadership Honors Course? by okisaperson in nyu. sfhaarymaan 4 points 5 points 6 points 3 months ago . i took it last year! it looks good on a resume (depending on your field) and i got to meet a lot of really cool people, but i didn't get much out of the class itself. the connections i made there have been pretty.

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  1. Honors & Awards. Each year, NYU Stern recognizes excellence in education. These awards are conferred upon members of the Stern community that exemplify the commitment to the highest level of achievement. The Professor of the Year is chosen for his/her dedication to outstanding teaching, commitment to students and the embodiment of the Stern.
  2. NYU Dentistry Center for Oral Health Policy and Management, launched in 2021, is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary think tank that focuses on oral health policy and management and will house the NYU Dentistry Leadership Education and Development Initiative, which will provide leadership opportunities for students that include the NYU.
  3. NYU Grossman School of Medicine's Honors Program was founded in 1957 and prioritized translational medicine—the application of research advances to new medical therapies—before the term was coined. At the same time, our program has long recognized the importance of training physicians in the basic sciences
  4. ation to NYU's Leadership Honors Course, which convenes students from across NYU's numerous undergraduate schools. Leadership skill-building and professional development. Senior Project: undergraduate thesis and portfolio
  5. CDS Academic Leadership. Vasant Dhar. Co-Director of Graduate Studies for PhD Program. Carlos Fernandez-Granda. New York University ©2021 NYU CDS 7th floor, 60 5th Ave, New York, NY, 10011. About.
  6. University Leadership Honors Course NYU Jan 2016 selective honors course, taught by NYU's Deputy President M.A. Candidate at New York University United States. Hayden Boilini
  7. imum of 36 credits and 400 clinical hours.
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  1. Students at NYU Shanghai can apply to craft and complete a Self-Designed Honors major, rather than one of the existing majors at the campus. This major enables a small number of very capable and highly motivated students to pursue a plan of study that brings together courses from more than one NYU department or program. During their sophomore year, students compose thei
  2. We were able to attend a preview performance of the show Wednesday night thanks to NYU's sophomore University Leadership Honors Course (shout out to Deputy President Diane Yu!) and got to sit down with director Bill Rauch to talk about the new play
  3. ation (NCLEX) to obtain licensure.High school graduates enter this program as first-year students in the fall. The BS program combines a strong core of arts and science courses with a progression of nursing courses that provide increasing levels of knowledge and skills.
  4. Taking Courses across NYU Based on their individual needs and interests, Gallatin students take courses in graduate programs throughout the University. As long as they have met the prerequisites and the program does not limit enrollment to its own students, Gallatin students are eligible to enroll in courses in all the other graduate schools of.
  5. Divergence, gradient, and curl. Theorem of Gauss and Stokes. Students interested in an honors mathematics degree are especially encouraged to consider this course. Prerequisites. A- in MATH-UA 122 or equivalent or a 5 on the AP Calculus BC and permission from instructor using enrollment request form. Course Syllabi or Websites by Semeste
  6. The objectives of the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) program at the Tandon School of Engineering of New York University are for its graduates to: 1. Be engaged and advance in careers in mechanical or related engineering, or other professional career paths, that include industry, academia, and governmental or.
  7. Sonia Marciano teaches strategy courses in multiple NYU Stern programs and is the recipient of numerous honors including the NYU Stern Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in Innovation and Teaching, the Faculty Leadership Award, and Best Professor in Executive Education

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In the five short years since the NYU Board of Trustees established the School of Global Public Health, we've expanded our programs, successfully earned accreditation, and graduated over 1,600 public health professionals. With innovation in public health urgently needed around the world, the creation of our school could not have been more timely She had previously spoken at my University Leadership Honors Course and I've always found her to be such an incredible leader. With the help of NYU Green and Provost Fleming's office I was able to create an Instagram series with her staff to track their changes and share with the NYU community

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UMD, NYU, BostonU, Boston College, Syracuse, UT Austin, USC. Hi all:) Demographics: • White • female • lgbtq+ • upper-middle class • small intelligent not very diverse and wealthy town • great high school • New Jersey. Intended Majors: • Film • Communications/New Media. SAT: Previous: 1210 (blind) Predicted: 1350-1420 Natalie Druce holds a Bachelor of Laws (with honors) and Bachelor of International Studies (with distinction) from the University of New South Wales and traditional LLM from NYU Law. Prior to commencing her LLM, Natalie worked as a solicitor in the disputes practice at Herbert Smith Freehills and as a Judicial Clerk to the Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO, then President of the New South. Yasmine has co lectured the Multi Faith Leadership in the 21st Century course, at NYU Wagner with Rabbi Yehuda Sarna and Imam Khalid Latif, since September 2016. This course seeks to prepare students to become aware of faith traditions other than their own, with a strong emphasis on learning techniques and theories of how to engage others Before moving to NYU, Dean Dinshaw taught for many years at the University of California at Berkeley, where she was instrumental in the early development of LGBT Studies. At NYU, she founded and directed the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (1999-2005) and more recently, chaired the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (2012-15)

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New York University College of Nursing s Leadership Institute for Black Nurses was honored May 31 by the Council of the City of New York to congratulate the institute upon the graduation of its 100th participant since its inception seven years ago. The LIBN was founded by Yvonne Wesley, RN, PhD, FAAN, an alumna of NYU College of Nursing The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Graduate Studies, and instructor of the course will review the submitted form and decide if enrollment is appropriate. Completion of the below form is NOT confirmation of your acceptance into the course. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for review. Qualifications. GPA of 3.5 or higher Juan Migone (Urban Design & Architecture Studies '18) was nominated to participate in the Spring 2016 University Leadership Honors Course, a special, university-wide leadership development course whose goal is to prepare high-achieving sophomores to compete in prestigious national and international post-graduate fellowships, scholarships, and. Undergraduate Program. Interested in Italian Studies, Italian-Linguistics, or Romance Languages? Learn about our undergraduate program

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Nik received a JDA/MBA from NYU Law School & NYU Stern Business School and a BA, honors and distinction, in Economics from UNC Chapel Hill. He also completed a Certificate in Sustainable Finance from Columbia University In October 2007, NYU announced the creation of New York University Abu Dhabi, the first such campus to be operated abroad by a major research university. The school, which the university is referring to as the world's honors college, [53] is recruiting top students and faculty from around the world, [54] and began classes in the fall of 2010 The Global Certificate Program enable students to achieve leadership, personal development, and involvement goals through coursework, volunteer work, and leadership experiences. Their requirements promote opportunities for teamwork, leadership, and community service, along with practical application of skills learned in NYU Global Network courses Class of 2023 SDHM Proposal Deadline: April 1, 2021. Students at NYU Shanghai can apply to craft and complete a Self-Designed Honors major, rather than one of the existing majors at the campus. This major enables a small number of very capable and highly motivated students to pursue a plan of study that brings together courses from more than.

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I would be willing to tutor other Honors students in following courses/subjects: ME 123 Bioengineering Junior Core Microeconomics (ECON 200) Biology Series (BIOL 180, 200,220) Housing Experience Honors Living and Learning Community (LLC In this course, qualified honors students work with a faculty member (and perhaps graduate students) on an advanced topic in technology, innovation and/or information management or entrepreneurship. This effort may be directed toward developing theory, developing case material, or developing a business plan and business strategy for a new. University of Hong Kong: Approved Courses IBEX COURSE INFORMATION. You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX. However, we advise you have room for at least two electives for planning purpose

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Global awards are competitive, merit-based external scholarships and fellowships that allow motivated students to pursue advanced research, service or leadership goals. Through one-on-one advising, students identify opportunities of interest, prepare applications, undergo intensive training and apply for some of the world's most competitive postgraduate opportunities.Ready t New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) welcomes 24 talented undergraduate students to the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program's (SMSP) ninth edition this year (2016-2017). Designed for academically high-achieving undergraduate students in the junior and senior years of their bachelor's degrees, the program aims to prepare students for. New York University Abu Dhabi Honors Class of 2016 at Its Third Graduation Ceremony; addressed the graduating Class of 2016 and was presented with the NYU Abu Dhabi Global Leadership Award, recognizing his support of the university and his commitment to advancing the goal of a responsible, just, and peaceful globe. In remarks to graduates.

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program (SMSP) operated by NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and the Stevens Initiative launched a virtual exchange program connecting youth from the UAE and the US. Funded by the Stevens Initiative, the new program provides access to international experiences and fosters dialogue between students. The program will virtually connect students [ Before joining NYU for his LLM program, Abiodun attended Osun State University, Nigeria and the Nigerian law school. At Osun State University where he obtained his LL.B degree in 2016, he graduated as the best law student with First Class honors and received many awards. At the Nigerian law school, he also graduated with First Class honors in 2017 NYU College of Arts and Science is recognized as a national leader for its efforts to reinvent a liberal arts education for the 21st century. With a challenging liberal arts core, the College Core Curriculum, at the center of its curriculum, the College emphasizes student inquiry and research; offers unique opportunities for international and.

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On April 14, 2021, Cravath partner Evan R. Chesler participated in the launch of a virtual exchange program organized by NYU Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program and the Stevens Initiative. The leadership program, which virtually connects students in the United Arab Emirates with students enrolled in NYU's Leadership Honors Course in the United States, aims to create a. Congratulations to all our FAS @nyuniversity Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students receiving their degrees today!! #NYUGSAS2021. Attending my last convocation as DGS and so so proud of all our amazing and inspiring MA and doctoral students! #NYUGSAS2021. Hey that's me The Department of Performance Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts was established in 1980 as the first of its kind, and is ranked #1 for doctoral programs in Theater and Performance Studies by the National Research Council. Our B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. programs are taught by internationally-recognized faculty in fields ranging from. Dean-designated Nominators. Interested students who do not have a Designated Nominator should contact the University of Dayton School of Law's Office of Admissions at lawinfo@udayton.edu or 937-229-3555. Students who are nominated for the Leadership Honors Program must also apply for admission to the School of Law Program Overview About Maastricht University. Maastricht University (UM), the most international university in the Netherlands, stands out for its innovative approach to learning and international outlook. With almost 16,000 students and 4,000 staff, UM offers a wide choice of academic programs, all of which are designed to bring out the best in its students

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  1. ar (PUBPL-UA 801) requires an additional course. Students who wish to pursue Honors must take PUBPL-UA 800 and apply to the honors program in the fall of their final year. Approved Study Abroad Courses For more information about the curriculum, please see our Advising and Policies page
  2. • Mentored students about the resources, facilities and services offered by New York University and NYU Steinhardt • Identified relevant policies, procedures, and processes related to graduate study in the United States University Leadership Honors Course (ULHC
  3. g and media arts
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New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. B.F.A. magna cum laude in Film and Television Production, Fall 2016. Minor in Psychology and Minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. 2014 University Leadership Honors Course, named Best Final Presentation SKILL NYU Shanghai students can pursue Portal Campus Minors (aka. NYU Abu Dhabi Minors). Students can apply to attempt a Portal Campus Minor, using classes from one of the two Portal Campuses in the Global Network. These minors must meet the requirements set out in the relevant college bulletin by the offering department at the Portal Campus Global Health Course Checklist. The Global Health checklist (matric 2017 or later) outlines the requirements for the concentration, as well as which core and concentration courses have pre-requisites. Use this tool as you move along in the program to help keep track of the courses you've taken, as well as what's up next Explore the course catalog for Counseling@NYU. Taught by Award-Winning Practitioners The counseling master's programs are led by faculty members who hold professional licenses, have served on editorial review boards, and have received numerous awards and honors, such as the Outstanding Contribution Award in The Counseling Psychologist. New York University Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) cum laude in Neuroscience, Major in Music, Minor in Physics University Leadership Honors New York University Among twenty-four NYU sophomores nominated and selected to participate in a leadership course