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Extra large Harbor Freight crescent wrench - $5.00. All the muscle I can muster - $.02. Tighter than hell axle nut (but still removable) - Priceless. 2006 CRF450R (For Sale) A-47753 (Jumpin' dirt and clouds!) Proud member of the Hamster Nation! 124. Posts: 3704. Joined: Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:37 pm Rear wheel axle and axle nut M22 × 1.5 1 135 13.5 98 Nipple (spoke) — 72 3 0.3 2.2 Rear wheel sprocket M8 × 1.25 6 42 4.2 30 Rear brake disc cover M6 × 1.0 2 10 1.0 7.2 Drive chain puller adjust bolt and locknut M8 × 1.25 2 21 2.1 15. Engine mounting: Rear brake caliper protector M6 × 1.0 2 7 0.7 5.

cylinder head nuts, engine mounting bolts, axle nuts, handlebar holder bolts, fork bridge pinch bolts, drive chain adjuster, drive chain guide, wire harness connectors, kickstarter mounting bolt)..142,143,144 WARNING Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before ridin 1 answer. 97 F250 HD Rearend axle bearing retaining nut Torque Spec for used bearings. It is 10.25 sterling rear gear w/ 7.3L diesel eng. Axle retaining nut torque spec is 55 to 60ft lbs. back off 5 (new) or back off 8 (used) clicks, and axle retaining bolts 60-80ft lbs in criss cross pattern. Read full answer

Front Axle Nut: 88 - 65: Rear Axle Nut - 1997: 93 - 69 - 1998-1999: 108 - 80 - 2000-2001: 127 - 94: Front Axle Pinch Bolts: 20 - 14: Coolant drain bolt: 10: 88 - Clutch lever pivot bolt: 2: 18 - Clutch lever pivot nut: 10: 88 - Drive Chain: Adjusting Nut: 27 - 20: Drive Chain Guide: Mounting Nut: 12: 106 - Drive Chain. SOURCE: torque specs for cam on 2006 honda crf250r. Rock the caps around to make sure the bearing locating clips are lined up. Torque the bearing caps to 12 foot-pounds. Replaced rear axle pinion bearing and seal, need to know pinion nut torque spec. for aam rear axle 2005 dodge 3500 4x4 Thanks Forgive me for tagging into an old post, but I have a question regarding rear axle nut torque. I have an aging rear chain. I have had to adjust the chain a couple of times just of late. I made an adjustment Sunday and retorqued the rear axle. Checking my manual I found the same setting noted above - 69 ft-lbs Stop the engine. Place your motorcycle on its side stand on Lock nut Rear axle nut a firm, level surface. Page 71 Drive Chain Adjusting the Drive Chain Slack Turn both adjusting bolts an equal Tighten the rear axle nut. number of turns until the correct drive Torque: 88 N·m (9.0 kgf·m, 65 lbf·ft) chain slack is obtained. Turn the adjusting. How do i get rear axle out of my 2005 honda crf 230 f. i need to put new chain and sprockets on. A diagram of the rear wheel assembly can be found at the website below. Just loosen the axle nut 1/8' then smack the nut with a rubber mallet to loosen the axle

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Remove the rear brake adjusting nut [1] and disconnect the rear brake rod [2] from the brake arm. Remove the spring [3}, washer [4J and joint pin [5]. Loosen the axle nul [1]. Support the motorcycle securely and raise the rear wheel off Ihe ground with a hoist or equivalent. Loosen both lock nuts [2] and adjusting nuts [3]. Push the rear wheel. Reinstall bolts in reverse order. Service manual recommends putting a drop of motor oil on the threads of bolt 5 before torquing to spec. I used a dab of blue thread lock on each nut before torquing to spec. Reconnect brake return spring (1) Torque Specs: Bolt 2 - 32lb ft. Bolt 3 - 32lb ft NOTICE (35), washers and handlebar holder nuts (36) Install the handlebar pad (40). and tighten the handlebar holder nuts to the To avoid damage when torquing the axle pinch specified torque: bolts, be sure the axle is seated firmly onto the 32 Ibf·ft (44 N·m, 4.5 kgf·m) Page 122: Rear Suspension Adjustment

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Compared to the outgoing CRF250R design the chassis' geometry markedly differs; wheelbase is 3mm shorter at 1486mm and the distance between the swingarm pivot point and rear axle is 15mm shorter at 573mm. Rake is set at 27.5° with trail of 116mm. The C of G is 1.4mm lower Remove the rear brake adjusting nut and disconnect the rear brake rod from the brake arm, and remove the joint pin and spring. loosen the drive chain adjuster lock nuts and adjusting nuts. Remove the axle nut and left chain adjuster. Push the rear wheel forward and derail the drive chain from the driven sprocket

The CRF250L's lightweight and compact liquid-cooled single-cylinder 249cc DOHC engine produces smooth and consistent torque at low rpm, aiding rear wheel traction and rider feel. Equally, the short stroke (76x55mm) engine's high RPM performance is excellent; throughout its rev range and provides well-balanced and very usable power delivery 2011 Honda CBR250R front axle nut torque specs @ - Honda 2011 CBR250R questio


  1. Rather than a locknut and the big nut it's all one peice. Mine came loose every ride and ate my bearings. I would torque the life out of the night and i even punched it so it wouldn't come loose, but it would. As mentioned above the cheapest fix is electrical tape, but I bought the nut for 60 used. Made my life alot easier
  2. Compared to the outgoing CRF250R design the chassis' geometry markedly differs; wheelbase is 3mm shorter at 58.3 in / 1486mm and the distance between the swingarm pivot point and rear axle is 15mm shorter at 22.5 in / 573mm. Rake is set at 27.5° with trail of 4.6 in / 116mm. The C of G is .05 in / 1.4mm lower
  3. Front Axle (74 N.m, or 7.5 kgf.m, or 54 lbf.ft) Front Axle holder nuts (12 N.m, or 1.2 kgf.m, or 9 lbf.ft) I've never done this on my CRF, but I helped a friend work on his KTM shocks and we did take off the front wheel. As for taking apart the shocks, I would suggest that you invest in a shop manual (about $50.00 new) if you are going to do.
  4. Pro-Link® single-shock rear suspension features a sophisticated shock for consistent action. Hydraulic front disc brake with 220mm rotor and 95mm rear drum brake provide strong stopping power. Front brake lever is adjustable to suit the rider's hand size. Styling follows that of the race-winning CRF250R and CRF450R. 3. CRF125F Key Features 3.
  5. Stainless Steel Rear Wheel Axle Nut. Machined with a captive washer M22 x 1.50mm Thread, 32mm Socket Size. Polished to a smooth mirror finish and highly resistant to corrosion. A popular fitment within the Honda range, this makes a great replacement to rusty originals. Compliments Sprocket Nut and Chain Adjuster Nut & Bolt Kits perfectly

A digital dash adds a tachometer and fuel gauge and ABS is fitted as standard, with the option of disengaging it for the rear brake. The 249cc engine boasts more bottom-end torque and peak power from revised PGM-FI and throttle body plus a new airbox, connector tube and lightweight exhaust. It is also EURO4 compliant Motoparty Steering Stem Nut For Honda ATC200S CB50R CB125 CB250 CL100 125 CRF250R CRF70F CT70 XR 70 75 80 100 Z50 Handlebar Top Bridge Cap Nut,90304-159-000 (Fit Many Vintage 50-250cc/ATC 70-200) 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 REAR WHEEL & SWINGARM Rear Axle Nut 72.5 870.0 US/Canada - Don't forget cotter pin Rear Sprocket Nut 21.5 258.0 Rear Brake Disc Mounting Bolt 7.0 84.0 Swingarm Pivot Nut 55.5 666.0 Rear Shock Mount Nut (Upr & Lwr) 40.0 480.0 Cush Rod & Lever Mount Nuts 72.5 870.

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Page 155 250R_140-162.qxd 2008.07.17 15:43 ページ149 Torque Specifications Frame Torque Item Remarks N•m kgf•m lbf•ft FRAME Steering stem nut 11.0 Fork bridge upper pinch bolts Fork bridge lower pinch bolts Handlebar upper holder bolts Handlebar lower holder nuts Front axle nut Front axle pinch bolts Rear axle nut 13.1 NOTE 1.. It is not a good idea to buy one torque wrench that will cover the entire range of torque specs. I'd say buy the set, but ofcourse that will be expensive. The reason for the warning is because large torque wrenches (1/2 drive) that will cover the 100ft-lb torque of your rear axle nut, will be largely inaccurate at the bottom (5ft-lb) Rear Axle Bolt Torque: 88N·m (64.91ft·lbf) Rear Brake Disc Bolt Torque: 42N·m (30.98ft·lbf) Rear Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Torque: 14N·m (10.33ft·lbf) Drive Sprocket Bolt/Nut Torque: 10N·m (7.38ft·lbf) Driven Sprocket Bolt/Nut Torque: 50N·m (36.88ft·lbf) Only logged in users have access to this type of bike profiles Remove the nuts, clean the threads of both the nuts and bolts, apply Pro Honda Hondalock or an equivalent and tighten to the specified torque. Page 31: Before & After Competition Maintenance Lubricate and sea level will increase as elevation increases.) adjust the chain as necessary. Do not perform maintenance while engine is running

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Safety Messages A Few Words About Safety Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important. Operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility Page 119 If a torque wrench is not used for this installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as (1) rear axle shaft possible to verify proper assembly. (2) rear axle nut... Page 120 Commercial chain lubricants may contain solvents which could damage the rubber O-rings. Lubricate every 300 miles (500 km) or sooner if chain appears dry Install the hub and bearing on the knuckle's spindle, then install a new retaining nut. Do not reuse the original nut. Tighten the nut to a torque of 217 Nm (160 ft. lbs.). Install the dust cap on the end of the hub and bearing. If the vehicle is equipped with rear disc brakes, install the brake rotor and disc brake caliper on the knuckle.

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5.7L HEMI. According to the factory service manual the axle nut is not a one time use, it is re-useable. Some vehicles they're reusable, others the manufacture wants you to replace them. Kind of a crap shoot. FSM also specifies the 2 step torque procedure 132ftlbs, rotate 5-10 times then 263ftlbs Drive axle. Front wheel drive axle nut 151 ft/lbs. But I have seen 118 also. Just depends on where you get the info. This might help in the future too. Front suspension. Front lower control arm ball stud to steering knuckle nut 40 ft/lbs. Front lower control arm ball stud to front lower control arm bolts/screws 50 ft/lbs Putting new Pirelli's on the Rebel today, does anyone have the torque specs for the front & rear axle bolts? 2003 Honda Rebel 250, 1971 Honda Trail 70, 1984 Yamaha Virago xv1000. 1971 Pinto, 5.0, T-5, 100 nitrous shot Hand Tools. Show: All Manufacturers BikeMaster Bolt Motorcycle Hardware CRF's Only CruzTOOLS DRC EBC Eklipes Fix-A-Thred Fly Racing Genuine Innovations Honda Hot Cams Magura Mechanix Motion Pro MoTool MSR Nelson Rigg NorCross Park Tool Regina Risk Racing Scotts Performance Topeak Twin Air. Displaying 1 to 141 (of 141 products) «

CruzTOOLS AW142227 Combo Axle Wrench 14mm x 22mm x 27mm. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 68. $14.95. labwork HD-47925 OTC 4882 Rear Wheel Axle Torque Wrench Hand Tool 36mm Wrench Tool Kit for Adjust Drive Belt Tension or Rear Wheel Alignment. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 2. $15.99. Only 3 left in stock - order soon nut n bolt Torque Settings. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of July's Ride of the Month Challenge! Theme: Drop it like it's hot! 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. cckelly67 · Registered. Joined Jul 15, 2017 · 93 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 1, 2017. The rear tire is a 120/80-18 and it lowered the axle 1/8. The knobs, at 9/16, are 3/16 longer than the stock tire knobs. Although the bike geometry was changed, I did not notice any ill effects on a subsequent ride Step 9: Install & torque the axle nut. Step 10: Torque the pinch bolts on the axle nut side first. Step 11: Re-install the brake caliper. Step 12: Take your dirt bike off the stand and compress the front forks a few times. This will allow the forks to align themselves to the axle Engine sprocket nut torques to 150-165 foot pounds. Use two lines of Loctite 271 (high strength, red) on the sprocket shaft. The six small 1/4 nuts that go on the outside of the clutch have no torque specs. The manual says to tighten nuts until releasing disc bottoms on spacers. Torque them like you would any other 1/4 nut, about 10-14 foot.

Warp 9 Titanium Axles and swingarm spindles are CNC machined from Solid Ti Bar stock. Threads are rolled threads, not cut like some brands. This gives a stronger and smoother thread and also provides a more accurate torque setting. The heads on the axles and swingarm bolts are forged giving a far stronger head than standard CNC cut heads Titanium Flanged Axle Nut M22x (1.50mm) Rear Wheel (TINUT22150001Z2) $53.46 - $56.63. Close ×. Description. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Titanium Axle Nut. Machined from grade 5 Titanium. This item fits many models of bikes as a wheel and/or swingarm axle Nut You will see that the titanium rear axle is fastened by an aluminum nut. It is basically for weight but also has a thread pitch that is a lot tighter. This is a spec torque for the team that they use. The rear brake caliper is a production unit This video shows how you remove the wheel bearing retainer on a Honda CR dirtbik

Modifying a 2020 Honda CRF250R. K nowing that the CRF250R doesn't have a ton of torque, I checked to see what Jamie at Twisted Development suggested for slowly feeding my son a little more power. 49mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa SPG coil-spring fork. Front wheel travel: 305 mm (12.0 inches) Rear suspension: Pro-Link system; fully adjustable Showa single shock: Rear wheel travel: 315 mm (12.4 inches) Front tire: 80/100-21 : Rear tire: 120/90-19 : Front brakes: Single disc. Two-piston calipers. Diameter: 260 mm. RC45. Product number: ZH01-01. RearAxle Center Lock Nut SUSBeta Pinned. M46P1.5LH (Left screw)A7075Hard anodized aluminum used. Tool Size56mm. Torque tightening:274.6N・m (28kg・m) Molly Coat application required. ・Exclusive Parts for Competition. Impact cannot be used Out of all of the machines that I have experimented with on torque settings, this bike reacts the most to it, so pay attention to your nuts/bolts on your Honda! Follow the torque spec sheet below and make sure to blue Loc-Tite the bolts/nuts on each to ensure you have no issues down the road. Rear Axle Nut (Qty. 1): Stock: 128 Nm. Updated Spec. Tusk Complete Rear Wheel 19 CRF450R CRF450RX 2013-2018 CRF250R 2014-2018 rim (Fits: Honda CRF250R) $299.77. Free shipping

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For bikes with lock nuts on their chain adjusters, use a wrench to hold the adjuster in place with a wrench while loosening the lock nut. Loosen the axle nut just enough to enable the chain adjusters to move it. If the axle nut is loosened too much, you can accidentally knock the rear wheel out of alignment, adding extra work to the task Fits your 2020 Honda CRF250RX. DP Brakes Pro MX Front Brake Pads Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki / Yamaha / Gas Gas. $42.95. Fits your 2020 Honda CRF250RX. Acerbis Side Panels Honda CRF250R / RX / CRF450R / RX 2017-2020 The CRF110F's engine size makes it easy for our engineers to tune in a super-wide torque spread and easy-to-access low-rpm power which is just what a novice wants and needs. The biggest additions aside from a slight bump in horsepower and torque comes by the way of a new 4-speed transmission and electric-start whereas the CRF70F only packed a. *Warp 9 Titanium Axles are CNC machined from Solid Ti Bar stock *Threads are rolled threads, not cut like some brands. This gives a stronger and smoother thread and also provides a more accurate torque setting *The heads on the axles are forged giving a far stronger head than standard CNC cut heads *45-50% lighter weight than OEM axles *1 OEM matching Aluminum axle block is included to make. shaft universal joint strap to rear axle flange bolt dana axle 22 30 9 1 4 axle 14 19, chassis torque specs 4th gen ram axle nut 132 ft lbs beginning torque then rotate 5 to 10 times with a final torque of 263 ft lbs were the ultimate dodge ra

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2014 Honda CRF250R — Owner's Manual - Page #106. Posted on 25 Sep, 2015 Tighten the rear axle nut to the specified . torque: 128 N·m (13.1 kgf·m, 94 lbf·ft) torque while holding the adjusting bolts with a . wrench. 27 N·m (2.8 kgf·m, 20 lbf·ft) Commercially prepared drive chain lubricants may . be purchased at most motorcycle. cylinder head nuts, engine mounting bolts, axle nuts, handlebar holder bolts, fork triple clamp bolts, drive chain adjuster, drive chain guide, wire harness connectors, kickstarter mounting bolt)..140 WARNING Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before ridin 35 3.5 25.5 Front Axle Nut. 100 10.0 72.5 Rear Axle Nut. 30 3.0 20.0 Upper and Lower/Left and Right Fork clamps. Hope this helps, Jeff

Screw in the lock nut 7 to the fork damper Operating Controls Operating Controls Read this section carefully before you ride. See your Honda dealer. Manusl clearly care about your customers, and your product. CRF250R Honda 2004-2009 Motorcycle Service Manual. Remove the rear brake pedal 1 by removing scoring or discolouration Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever has a hex box wrench for your axle nut on one side and a perfectly contoured tire spoon on the other. Manaufactured from lightweight forged T-6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. These beauties are just under 10 inches long and weigh only 3.5 oz. Available in a 12/13 combo unit and a 22, 24, 27 and 32mm hex ends Front axle nut torque is an example. I suggest you buy the Honda CRF150R Service Manual from Helm, Inc. Besides torque values, it shows you the fork service procedure including disassembling everything and how to check for needed replacements due to wear. I used it when I replaced the springs and changed the fork fluid Titanium Rear Axle Nut. M22 x 1.50mm with integral washer. Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium to provide excellent weight saving and corrosion resistance. Manufactured with rolled threads for a smooth quality fitment, then polished to a mirror finish to help keep your bike looking new. Easy to clean and zero maintenance. The perfect upgrade. Please use our vehicle search to find model specific. 01 cr125 rear axle nut torque. Thread starter Stretch351w; Start date May 23, 2007; Stretch351w. Member. May 23, 2007 #1. Joined Oct 12, 2005 Messages 5 Likes 0. May 23, 2007 #1. Can anybody tell me what the torque spec is for the rear axle nut? I'm cheap and don't have the cash to buy the book, and I just installed a new Warp 9 wheel

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Watch the rear axle- Jeep drives down vertical chute: Off-Topic: 2: Sep 24, 2018: Damn Rear Brake: Videos: 26: Aug 17, 2018: Harley Davidson Road King rear exhaust nuts vibrated off: Maintenance and Repair: 66: Aug 16, 2018: Front vs Rear Brake - Enduro/Trails: Dirt Riders: 30: May 31, 2018: Motorcycle Rear Ends Car At 60MPH: Videos: 7: May 20. I own a 2003 suzuki lt80 4wheeler with a broken rear axle can i use a 1987 lt80 rear hub assymbly or just the axle - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website Reply #1 on: October 12, 2014, 08:16:25 PM. Nuts and bolts on Japanese bikes will all be metric. I think the rear axle is 24mm - this seems to be a standard size as both my Honda CRF250L and my Triumph Bonneville had the same size. I use a long ring spanner. Logged It has a Dana 80 rear axle. I was looking for a torque spec for the big 2-9/16 nut that holds the hub & bearings on the spindle. I have a new nut & little locking pin. I have looked online and even on YouTube and found all kinds of different answers. Some say torque to 140 ft-lbs ( seems way too tight to me) Zeta Rear Axle Nut. Be the first to write a review. $14.95 - $16.95. Select your ride to ensure proper product fitment. Change. Fitted Parts Change Ride. X. Shop By Ride. Select a Saved Ride

7 - Remove wheel axle nut, (#7) with a 32MM or 1¼ socket. 108 ft/lbs 8 - Push the rear wheel foward and pull the chain to the side, so if you were looking at the bike from rear to foward, pull the chain to the left. While pulling the chain to the left rotate the wheel slowly and the chain will come off the sprocket cylinder head nuts, engine mounting bolts, axle nuts, handlebar holder bolts, fork triple clamp bolts, drive chain adjuster, drive chain guide, wire harness connectors, kickstarter mounting bolt)..92,93 WARNING Improperly maintaining this motorcycle or failing to correct a problem before ridin Join Date: Feb 2007. Chapter/Region: TXIC. Location: Clear Lake, Texas. Vehicle: 2010 Silverado. 2007 CRF250R. needed - torque spec on front axle nuts for 06 STi. Have a maunal on CD in PDF format - Cant find it. * Registered users of the site do not see these ads alexnyc. 2 the spacer in the hub between the two bearings in the wheel needs to be long enough that when tightened, the inner race of the bearing is taking all the load. (imagine tightening the axle without this spacer, the bearings would take an axial load between the spacers acting on the inner race, and the hub acting on the outer race. Torque Specification - Rear Axel. I took off the rear wheel (tire change) and I put it back on and when I tighten the rear axel nut the rear tire doesn't spin as freely as it used to. I see that the torque specification says 83-84lbs so I got a torque wrench (haven't tried it out yet) and I'll be using it in the next couple of days

Put the bike on a stand. Remove the nut and bolt from the Koubalink as shown. You may have to jiggle the wheel up and down very slightly to take the load off the bolt as you slide it out. Lift the rear wheel to align the rear axle, swingarm pivot bolt, and front sprocket centerlines. I used an aluminum straight edge Rear Axle Bolt for Rear Wheel 69 ft. lbs The Front Axle is an obvious easy task to Lube. The specs on it are 54 ft. lbs on the Front Axle Bolt and the Axle Holder nuts are to be torqued to 9ft lbs. Spark Plug Simply put this is not a 2 stroke and Plug replacement isn't needed often (unless there is a problem)

Compared to the outgoing CRF250R design the chassis' geometry markedly differs; wheelbase is 3mm shorter at 1486mm and the distance between the swingarm pivot point and rear axle is 15mm shorter at 573mm. Rake is set at 27.5° with trail of 116mm. The C of G is 1.4mm lower SOURCE: Replaced rear axle pinion bearing and seal, need There is no torque specs,this nut has to be tightened back like it was ,the best thing to do,was,to late now,is to use a torque wrench to remove the nut,and remember the torque,and when replacing it,torque it back to that spec,the reason being,there is a crush sleeve between the front pion bearing ,and the rear pinion bearing,and it has. Surron/Segway Titanium Rear Axle with Nut $ 199.00 Select options; Surron/Segway Titanium Rotor Bolts $ 31.00 Select options; Surron/Segway Titanium Sprocket Bolts $ 45.00 Select options; Titanium Body Bolt Kit $ 199.00 Select options; Titanium Axles $ 239.00 Select options; Titanium Swing Arm Bolt $ 219.00 Select options; Titanium Rotor Bolt.

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Rear brake Single disc, 240 mm, 1-piston caliper Fuel capacity 7,7 l / 2,03 US gal Trail 106,7 mm / 4,2 in Fuel economy ENGINE Type Water-cooled 2-stroke Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder Bore & Stroke 66,4 x 72,0 mm Displacement 249,3 cm³ (15,2 cu-in) Compression ratio 8.5:1 Valve train Max. power 58,2 hp (42,8 kW) / 8000 rpm Max. torque Tusk Racing Axle Replacement Collar $3.99 $4.99 You save 20%. Compare. Quick View. Dura Blue 3 Piece Posi Lock Nut $74.99 - $78.99 $126.00 You save up to 40%. Compare. Quick View. All Balls Stealth Drive Front Prop Shaft $166.46 - $332.96 $184.95 - $369.95 You save 10%. WATCH VIDEO Our Titanium Body Bolt kits include the popular body bolts on your bike. Burnt Anodized finish. Hex Head With Torx Bit center for additional weight savings and secondary tightening option. Titanium is 45% lighter than steel. Titanium does not rust or corrode like steel. Rolled threads for smooth threading and proper torque values I 10 mm flange bolt and nut • Torque specifications listed below are for specified fasteners . • Others should be tightened to standard torque values listed above. NOTES: 1. Rear axle nut , '2 47 (4.8, 35) NOTE 3 Driven sprocket nut 4 8 32 (3.3, 24) NOTE Got my 40mm FCRMX from a 2007 CRF250R. Just waiting on the jets from JETSRUS.com (63 ft-lbs) Front axle holder nuts 12 Nm (108 in-lbs) Rear axle nut 90 Nm (65 ft-lbs) Wheel spokes 4.0 Nm (36 in-lbs) Rim lock locknut 13 Nm (108 in-lbs) Steering Steering stem adjusting nut Initial torque (seat bearings) 20 to 30 Nm (14 to 22 ft-lbs) Steering.

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2021 Pioneer 700 SPECIFICATIONS - Honda Nobody knows what you want—or need—in a side-by-side like you do. Which is why Honda builds so many, in so many sizes. And no matter what size job you need to get done, or what kind of recreation you're into, you owe it to yourself to take a long, hard look at a Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700 Deluxe Free Shipping Over $49. Low Price Guarantee. No Hassle Returns. Earn Chap Moto Cash. Made from strong, lightweight aluminum alloy. Color anodized with laser etched logo. Note: Verify the size of stock axle nuts and bolts for compatibility. For assembly, check the service manual and tighten to the specified torque Place the thread-on axle block into the jaws of your vise with the axle sticking straight up. Put a 32mm wrench on the special lock nut and unscrew the axle from the axle plate. Once you have the.