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For a simple, temporary fix, hang curtain rods to cover the mirrors. If you prefer a more decorative approach, use peel-and-stick wallpaper on the mirrors. For a more permanent solution, paint over the mirrors entirely. Method Here interiors expert Lisa Koehler shares how to cover up a mirrored wardrobe. Design wise, mirrored doors are a bit of an '80s throwback. And mirrors in the bedroom are also a big no-no in feng shui terms, as they're said to sap your energy and spoil the nurturing atmosphere you need for a good night's sleep The easiest and least expensive way to hide the mirrored wall is to create the illusion of a window on the wall. Hang floor-to-ceiling curtain panels or drapes that run the length of the mirror Additionally, with serious damage to certain types of mirrors — bathroom mirrors, which are expensive and difficult to repair, but easy to replace, or other more replaceable mirrors — repairing is not cost effective, and simply replacing the mirror makes more sense. However, in certain situations, you may not want to replace a damaged mirror

cheap DIY. jazz up your builder mirror: Create a frame with Tile. Even if you choose super expensive tile, this is a cheap option because you only need a few feet for a frame (measure and calculate based on your mirror's dimensions). Use caulk to glue the tile onto your mirror and then grout My apartment is made up of various DIY projects. Covering the dining room wall-to-wall mirror was no exception. The only thing that I liked about the mirror was that it reflected the light and greenery from the outdoors but that wasn't enough of a reason to leave it up. Looking for ideas to cover a dining room mirrored wall. I can. For more ambiance, use adhesive hooks to hang white string lights from the mirror behind the sheers. 2 Another way to hide a mirrored wall is to cover light panels of plywood or MDF with fabric or wallpaper and hang them over the mirrors. Make sure the panels overhang enough to allow for space to attach them to the wall A well-placed mirror can be an powerful asset to any room. Mirrors are known for making a space seem larger and more open, but mirrors can also be used to distribute light, emphasize colors or artwork on adjacent walls, and enliven rooms that do not have windows. 29 Unique DIY Mirror Ideas to Light Up Any Roo Use Glass Paint Directly on Mirrors You can easily use glass paint to freehand a design or use a stencil to cover the mirrors in your closet door. You can paint the mirrors a pleasing background color and then stencil or paint your design once the base paint is dry. Exploring How to Cover Mirrored Closet Door

Cover it with Curtains Fabric isn't just for windows. One of the most common complaints about mirrored walls is that they're stark and cold—if that's your issue, go in the opposite direction and drape them in fabric (a la the bedroom from Arch Daily shown above) If your landlord allows you to put holes in the walls for hanging things, I would buy some 1x2's or something, cut them into a frame around the mirror, add a few vertically in front of the mirror (fastened to the top and bottom strips with screws), then hang a piece of plywood cut in a size large enough to cover everything

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  1. Select a beautiful fabric that enhances your bedroom. Lightweight curtains you can easily open by day and which completely cover the mirrors when it's time to relax at night are ideal. The Feng Shui benefits of covering your mirrored closet doors will be immediately apparent in things like better sleep and enhanced intimacy with your partner
  2. Your TV hidden with a canvas painting is the ultimate solution in TV concealment. Choose from millions of options and custom art options as well as hundreds of frame styles all using our Quote Builder Tool for an instant online quote & even checkout. One call with us & you'll quickly see why we are the #1 Art TV
  3. Mirrors are also difficult to remove from the wall, meaning that removing them isn't always an option. Covering a mirrored wall is much easier than taking the mirrors off, but it does require time and effort. Discover a simple methods to cover a mirrored wall
  4. As the industry leader for more than a decade, Frame My TV™ is proud to offer custom made-to-order solutions to conceal any TV with a TV Mirror, TV Art Cover, TV Frame, or even TV Mirror Glass for your own DIY project. Browse our galleries, design your own custom solution on our site and easy place your order onlin
  5. In my previous article, Pep up your home with mirror decorating ideas, I had talked about how various mirrors transform your room to style and glamour. Here I would show some easy and simple DIY ideas for mirror frame decorations so that incorporating these would be less expensive and would serve the urge of changing the look of the home decor.

2. Use hobby paint: Reflective paints are available in a majority of hobby stores. Buy a good one and repair your mirror yourself. All you have to do is to remove the frame, clean the area, shake your touch-pen properly, and then paint the area. Apply two layers, the second after the first one dries Moderno 64-Inch x 18-Inch Beveled Rectangular Cheval Mirror. NON-MEMBER PRICE. $350.99. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $280.79. Ships free orders over $39. Not available at Clybourn Place. Check other stores. Baxton Studio 29-Inch x 38-Inch Nilima Wall Mirror in Silver Creative ideas to cover up mirrors in a powder room. (wall mirror, floor) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After. 3. The full wall of mirror in this bathroom reflects the light streaming in from above and makes the already bright bathroom even brighter. Inspiration from a bathroom designed by Rui Grazina. 4. The mirror takes up most of the wall above the sink and makes the gray bathroom feel larger and more open. See more photos of this hotel, here Description. Shipping. Details. Glass Mirror outlet covers and switch plates made of REAL GLASS - not the acrylic mirror switchplates available elsewhere. As you can well imagine, these switchplates are a real challenge to photograph! Please be assured they are quality glass mirror switchplates with a highly reflective surface

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  1. How to Make a Mirror Wall: The first step was to make sure that the wall I wanted to put the mirrors on was actually straight against the door frame and floor, and I used a level for that. Whew! It is, so that made things a whole lot easier. That means that I could simply line up the mirror tiles along the baseboard and door frame
  2. Pro Tip: Remember that breaker box panels, air conditioners, and outlets are necessary and should be easily accessible. Not to mention, they can be dangerous to work with. Use safety precautions while working around these helpful home essentials. And think twice before you cover your breaker box with a complicated frame, enclosed cabinet, or heavy piece of art - when the power goes out, the.
  3. iusa.com will offer $20 voucher when you spend a
  4. If you have trouble sleeping, let's talk about why that mirror on your bedroom wall might be the culprit, says the founder of Simple Shui, Amanda Gibby Peters. She suggests a quick test to see if your mirror might be affecting your sleep. Cover the bedroom mirrors for a couple nights and notice if your sleep improves, she advises
  5. You can obviously add this to a perfectly in tact mirror as well : ) And if your mirror happens to completely shatter, just cover the whole darn thing in beautiful tiles and hang it on your wall! It will look amahzing. P.S. You want to wait a few hours after gluing the tiles to hang the mirror on the wall to make sure the silicone has time to dry
  6. um strut cage for lack of a better word. The result is that putting a cover over the mirror box as you might with an Obsession clone still leaves the sides wide open
  7. We've been trying to come up with a good way to cover up the mirrors or cover up a majority of the wall, but we haven't had too many really good ideas and I haven't been able to find too many places online where I could ask for help and this seemed like a good place. We just got finished painted the entire condo except for that one wall

10 DIY Vanity Mirror Projects That Show You In A Different Light. The whole point of having a vanity mirror is so that you get good lighting when applying your makeup and that's important and definitely worth some attention. Finding a nice mirror at a decent price can be a real challenge but as always the DIY option is available Start by cleaning off the mirror to remove any dust and residue. Then, apply the stabilizer strip so you can inject the resin adhesive and contain it. After it dries, add another drop resin, cover it with a curing film, and give it an hour to cure. Peel off the curing film, scrape off the excess resin, and polish the mirror with glass cleaner How To Frame Your Bathroom Mirrors. Look for the thinnest washer you can find- you might want to buy a few sizes and see which one lays flattest against your mirror. (You can purchase washers individually for 10-20 cents each.) When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer.

rearview mirror cover rearview mirror accessories anime rearview mirror accessories western Yes! Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Enter your email. Subscribe You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address If you can't do this because the mirror is a permanent fixture, like a mirrored wall or closet door, do what you can to work with it. You can drape a piece of fabric or a scarf over the mirror while you're sleeping, or use frosted solar film to cover up the mirrored surface If you're looking to dress up your mirrors, perhaps to match a snazzy new set of shimmering chrome or stainless steel exterior trim pieces, 2014-2018 mirror covers are up to the job. These chromed ABS parts are made to fit around your Silverado's mirrors or mirror bases and give them a crisp new metallic look that's sure to draw envious. Yet the real beauty of the covert compartment is in its modern mirror cover-up. The striking 8-by-5 grid of 5-inch-square mirrors glued to the cabinet front elegantly masks the seam in the middle.

However, in some cases, mirror seams can be an element of design! For an antique look, a tile can accentuate your mirrored wall! Easy on the Eyes! Electrical outlets don't need to be eyesores. Cover up abrasive white outlets with mirror cover plates made from real glass If you are interested in a back painted glass backsplash, we recommend an appointment at our Glass Design Center in Bonita Springs. View samples, and see our work in person. Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. is located on Us 41, in Bonita Springs We look forward to meeting you and becoming your glass design and installation company

A: Mirror covers are decorative dress-up items that fit over your existing mirrors to give a little extra custom touch to your vehicle. They are available in a host of different finishes including carbon fiber, chrome or even matching body color, so whether you want sporty, luxurious or something more subtle you can find the perfect mirror. Mirror Closet Door Ideas. Barn style door! We love the antique look this style brings to a room! Customize the wood door of your choice with a mirror! Let our team install antique mirrors on wood shaker style doors! Introduce mirrors to vintage or salvage doors. Choose swing doors instead of the traditional bi-fold We have set our mirrored margins and our page numbering. Now, let's put a title page at the beginning. Okay, you see, on the first page, I have the cover page content up here already, and then the rest of my document continues on Use traditional toothpaste instead of a gel. Apply a jewelry-polishing compound (cerium oxide). This ingredient is sometimes effective in restoring a mirror's shine. Mix it with water and apply it to the mirror. Try clear nail polish. Sometimes nail polish can cover deeper scratches. Add a layer, wipe away the excess and see if the scratch is.

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8. Mirror cover with a bow. VIEW IN GALLERY. Are you a sewing enthusiast who would love to put your skills to work in making yourself some custom car decor? Then check out this funny little mirror cover design by BeauFleurs and use it as inspiration to make a simple cover of your own! We think the bow is an adorable idea and we can't wait to. Product Title Tebru 9 pcs DIY Square Mirror Wall Stickers - 15cm S Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $12.72 $ 12 . 72 List List Price $25.44 $ 25 . 4

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now you can decorate your rear view car mirror with a cute cover too, such a cute addition, will look great in your car, jeep, truck, 4x4 any vehicle with a rear view mirror. Available in all colours and prints, such as Barbie Pink, Leopard print, and cow print so you can match up with the other car accessories we sell to For over 25-year, Hampton Bay has delivered home decor essentials that compliment any decor with enduring style. Made from high quality, beautiful acrylic, this stylish wall plate does more than just cover electrical boxes, adding a simple elegance to your decor. Decorating with wall plates is an easy and inexpensive way to make an immediate impact in your home Mirror stripping can be placed around the edge to cover the damage, make a frame and keep the edges' mirror function. If you can remove the mirror from the wall and lay it flat, you can outline some designs with liquid lead and fill them in with stained glass paint for an original look K-Source Replacement Side View Mirror Glass Assembly. From $17.99. 15. | CUSTOM FIT. 1. 2. ». Chevy Malibu Side View Mirrors. With your paint swatches lovingly packed away in the glovebox, you're ready to get back home and start holding them up to the light with your better half, when the guy who thought balancing his two by fours out the back.

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From round mirrors framed in metal and wood to contemporary floor mirrors that open up any space with ease, there are countless designs to explore. Oversized mirrors can add balance to a large wall or entryway, while small mirror/s and dainty designs can fill a bare spot on a gallery wall Hi I am trying to find a mirror cover for a 2007 Rapido 9048 plus a bulb holder, has anyone any ideas please. Give these people a ring, they will make you some for about £250 per pair. I've just found them recently and have ordered the exact same thing as you need You wanted some cute mirror cover right? And you are also fed up at the same time, of the conventional decorative articles that we see around us. So this time try making this rustic mirror case with any available shipping pallets. You would just need a couple of those planks View it at Amazon - Auto Side Mirror Protect Cover 2 PACK Snow and Ice Mirror Covers Universal Size Fits Cars SUV Truck Van with Advanced Anti Bird Poop Technology Frost Guard Mirror Cover Side View Mirror Cover for Cars. How to Stop the Bombings. Covering the mirrors is one of the best ways to stop robins from pooping on a car. It works for other birds too, but not if you're going to use. The telescopic design of the caravan mirrors enlarges your view of the entire scope of the trailer or camper. RV Parts Shop USA the most comprehensive discount RV parts and surplus selection for your RV online in the USA. We combine that with exceptional customer service, fast free shipping, and easy returns

Decorative mirrors. Take advantage of Free Shipping on mirrors, and add decorator style to your dining room and every room of the house. In small places, such as an entryway or a small living room, mirrors add depth and dimension by visually doubling the size of your space Side mirror cover replacements 2013 volt. Both of the covers on my side mirrors have flown off of my 2013 Voltand replacements are $600 plus. Any hacks or ideas for how to fix more cheaply? 1 comment A sleek metal frame sharpens up the clean panel of glass as it mounts over all your flat-screen TVs within size. While Electric Mirror had its grand opening in 2016, the brand originated decades earlier with founder and President, Jim Mischel, and his father, Doc, inventing and building products in the family garage We have come up with so many ideas, but here are some of our favorites. Mirror Closet Door Ideas. Barn style door! We love this look and we can help you achieve it with barn door hardware, a wood door of your choice customized with mirror; Antique mirror installed on wood shaker style doors; Vintage or salvage doors with mirror installed over the Glossy Black Mirror Cover, Replacement Reverse Side Door Mirror Housing Covers 51167292745 51162222544 Fits for F30 F22 F32 F33 2012-2020 Glossy Black (right) 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1. £36.79. £36. . 79. 5% voucher applied at checkout. Save 5% with voucher

Using hot glue and the same even wrapping motion as I explained in the idea for the mirror, cover your lamp base in nautical rope for a fun DIY as well. Simply pick up an old lamp that you didn't necessarily love and revamp it with hot glue and rope. If glued tightly enough, you can enjoy these for years to come Key Features. Ships To Canada. Simple and versatile accessory for VESA mount TVs. The Eclipse TV Cover by Electric Mirror is a functional add-on that transforms your existing flat-screen TV into a full-sized mirror. Perfect for standard flat-screen TVs, this cover allows you to use it as a mirror when you are not in use Car Rearview Mirror Covers, 1 Pair ABS Plastic Rearview Mirror Cover Caps Car Side Wing Mirror Cover Seat Ibiza MK4 Batman Mirror Cover 2008-2017 (Glossy Black) £29.99. £29. . 99. FREE Delivery. Only 15 left in stock. Amazon's Choice. for seat ibiza wing mirror cover

Chrysler 300 2012, Polished Stainless Steel Cold Air Intake Cover by American Car Craft®. Dress up your Dodge SRT8 with ACC Clear/Tinted Plexiglass with Polished Stainless Steel Trim, Intake Cover. This trim piece is designed to fit on... Custom designed Made from the finest grade 304 stainless steel. $112.46 top deals up to 60% off select crux up to 50% off bath towels & rugs up to 50% off select window curtains up to 30% off wamsutta bedding up to 30% off select rugs now $20 Keurig K-cup pods 36-48ct up to $150 off select vacuums shop all clearance. mirror cover Ideas & Inspiration Blog; Bed Bath & Beyond TV Will open a new window The TV CoverUp is a novel, simple and elegant way to conceal and hide a flat screen television. With a TVCoverUps,a television screen is no longer a stark center of attention, detracting from a room's decor. Instead, framed art provides the focal point - until it deftly swings upward to reveal the television hidden beneath. read more Mirror with Hidden Jewelry Storage Cut List. (Use your compound miter saw to make all your cuts. Remember to measure twice and cut once.) (2) 8' 1x4 wood. (2) 48 long pieces (inside dimension) cut with a bevel going outwards (so the outside length will be longer than 48) (2) 12 long pieces (inside dimension) cut with a bevel going outwards.

top 10 largest monokini push up brands and get free shipping. top 10 most popular volkswagen polo mirror cover ideas and get free shipping. for VW Polo 6R 6C Side Door Wing Mirror Cover Replace caps (Carbon look) fit Volkswagen . 89% of 368 recommend. STAFF PIC Dorman Products - 924-564 : Outside Mirror Cover-Left. This door mirror cover is designed to match the fit and appearance of the original cover on specified vehicles, and is engineered for durability and reliable performance

Spoke with a nice rep at RealOEM.com a few moments ago and picked up a few details. Purchasing the pre-painted mirror covers is a waste of time/money - they're so scratched and beat up by the time they reach you they require repainting. Napa will custom mix paint to match and even put it in a spray can. Part is ordered, 7-10 day turnaround 3. Mirror Surround Removal - The surround needs to come off (though possible to remove the indicator now, I would not recommend it - short wires, effort, etc.. see Note 2 - but YMMV). There are three screws that attach it (marked) to the assembly cover (one through the assembly it's self) and two clips (also marked) - see reverse photo Description: This kit replaces the painted mirror plates from your factory mirror assemblies with custom carbon fiber. It lends a unique accent by leaving the mirror face trim and under trim visible. Sold in matched left and right pairs. Note: Installation requires removal of the factory painted mirror plates, as this is a replacement kit and not covers

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This OEM Mirror Cover replacement part was specifically designed for your 2018 Fiat Spider. It goes through rigorous testing to assure peak performance and safety while maintaining strict FCA quality requirements. Rest assured part number 68307689AA is of original FCA quality, supplied by the same people who engineered your vehicle and covered. A touch up with a reflective paint pen can be a budget-friendly fix for smaller scratches. After placing the mirror on a soft surface, locate the scratch, and clean the area with a soft clean cloth. Let the mirror surface dry for the paint to adhere. Shake the touch-up pen well. Apply the paint pe Cheryl's solution was this simple but brilliant sliding mirror over the window: Cheryl is sharing all the details of her lovely bathroom renovation below — and be sure to check out some of our other favorite brilliant bathroom ideas, too: Add storage for hair styling tools in the dead space under the sink. Build a slide-out under cabinet. Next, take the shim, and start moving it along the bottom lining of the mirror with enough force to get it in there..do not force it too much as you may break the clips. Once the shim is in the mirror, move it side to side, and up and down very gently..this will cause the clips at the botton to release the cap. You should be able to pull it off.

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White finish country wall mirror lightens up your interior with clean and simple lines. Wood frame with beveled edges adds an extra layer of reflective style. Rectangular design measures 32-in H x 26-in W, perfectly sized for a bathroom or accent piece in a bedroom or foyer. 18.55-Lb mirror hangs horizontally or vertically for your convenience The mirror is a pain to take a part. I wanted to swap the white base for a black base and keep the mirror/mirror caps white to not have an awkward large white part in the window. I gave up when I was trying to halve the two pieces. Touch up paint will be your best friend in this case How-to: LEDs in mirrors:: How-to: 1-Wipe Wash How-to: Remote express windows up/down Traded: '09 2LT Black Granite Metallic V6 / A6 at 20,058 miles Lost: '11 LTZ RJT V6 / A6 in flood at 44K miles Muffler mod on '0

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It is therefore recommended that women have a cosmetic mirror cover that helps to freshen them up in a split second and shine in the crowd. This on the way to make-up offers enough time to apply the necessary make-up and to prepare for work or a meeting. The new designer designs for cool makeup mirrors come out in a different shape and offer. This OEM Mirror Covers replacement part was specifically designed for your 2021 Dodge Durango. It goes through rigorous testing to assure peak performance and safety while maintaining strict FCA quality requirements. Rest assured part number 82212218 is of original FCA quality, supplied by the same people who engineered your vehicle and covered. This easy to use side-view cover comes in a convenient polybag which can be carried around wherever you go. The cover is designed in a way that will not obstruct the mirror at any point. The kit comes with 2 custom side view covers for both the mirrors along with a rope and clip for attachment

chrome mirror cover evol-tl 28790 Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Nam Mirror Cover Kit Chrome. Brand : Jaguar. Part Number : T4A7131. List Price : $304.00. Our Price : $243.20. Select an option below. Preview On Vehicle. Shop More Add To Cart Buy Now. Part Description. Chrome mirror covers accentuate the stylish design of the exterior mirrors.. Vanity Mirror TV. The Vanity Mirror TV combines an ultra-thin Samsung television cleverly hidden behind a large mirror. When turned on, the TV magically appears through the glass, and when turned off, it vanishes completely. The mirrors are made to the size you specify to fit your bathroom perfectly. The television is easily hung on the wall. Our Samsung Mirror TV systems are as easy to install as any regular TV and are beautiful pieces of functional art. A custom project where you just buy our glass will require hiring a woodworker or cabinetmaker to frame it up, which can be expensive, require more work on your part, and often takes more time before your mirror TV is ready for use Hmmm, investigation showed the Camera cover which snaps into place below the mirror arm was not snapped in. Re-set it but it continues to come undone! Part number is GM 2293887 but it appears you have to remove the mirror and arm from the windshield to replace? Anyone got any ideas or dealt with this before? Thanks..

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7 Jun 2017. #3. 1. Remove glass by tilting up, then levering out with your fingers. 2. remove screws at the bottom. 3. Gently lever the trim apart with a trim tool this normally results in some of the 3 clips that come up from the bottom breaking but you are replacing the bottom part so that shouldn't be a problem Then, when you're ready for a new look, remove the hooks—transforming it into a classic wall mirror. Personal or Vanity: A staple in bathrooms and powder rooms, personal mirrors give you an up-close look. Ideal for applying or removing makeup, this countertop accessory magnifies up to 5 times more than a standard mirror A great classic look for your rod, these hinge mirrors work on cars and trucks from 1935 and up. Mirror arm is chromed zinc die cast. Mirror head is 4 polished stainless steel with 2-1/4 pin boss. Price is for one mirror. Please use the option selector to choose left or right side mirror. Share your knowledge of this product The cover remains on the mirror throughout the ultrasonic cleaning, sterilization, sorting, storage, and handling process. Vented designs ensure full circulation of disinfectants and sterilizing agents. Great for color-coding set-ups too. Long-lasting silicone is heat and chemical-resistant up to 450°F. 12 size 4 covers per pack. Specify color TV Coverups | We hide your television behind artwork! The TV CoverUp is a novel, simple and elegant way to conceal a flat screen television

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Find Mirrored Bedside Table. The chic reflective surfaces of these mirrored bedside tables will open up your eyes and your bedroom to the endless possibilities they have in store. A great way to help to make a room look bigger paired with opulent style. This selection will have you excited to enjoy the piec A range of Genuine Volvo & selected aftermarket Volvo Accessories and Styling products for most Volvo models. We also list a range of Heico Sportiv styling and tuning products for your Volvo within the 'Performance and Tuning' section of the website. These include interior, exterior and engine components and all are developed by Heico for your Volvo, and are officially approved by Volvo. Zone Tech 2-Piece All Weather Windshield Cover Protector - Silver Premium Quality Summer Winter Rear and Front Windshield Cover Protector with Flaps with Separate Side Mirror Cover. $29.99

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Auto Accessories | Headlight bulbs | Car Gifts Accessories - Exterior Accessories - Products. Zone Tech Automotive Leveling Ramps - Set of 2 Premium Quality Camper Trailer SUV Car Wheel Chocks, Leveler, Stabilizer on Uneven Ground- Great for leveling and Raising Auto. $31.25. View as. Grid List Recommended product from this supplier. C-Class Autoclave Dry Carbon Fiber Wing Mirror Cover for Mercedes Benz W205 W222. FOB Price: US $ 80-110 / Piece. Min. Order: 1 Piece. Type: Mirror Cover. Bumper Position: Side View Mirror. Material: Carbon Fiber. Car Make: for Mercedes Benz W205 W222. Warranty: 1 Years

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This means new product ideas can be made quickly and tested in the real world before the expensive investment in injection molds. In the ensuing years CloseTheGap has released several more products including a rear-view mirror, rear fender, MTB bar grips, and even an on-bike waste container to store used nutrition wrappers Picking up where the Cobalt left off, the Chevy Cruze is a compact sedan that was initially introduced to the American car buyers for the 2010 model year. Before the Cruze was made available in the U.S., it was known in South Korea as the Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, and was marketed as the Holden Cruze in Australia A third method to paint a mirror frame is to cover the mirror in its entirety. This oversized ornate mirror is so massive in size that it is placed on a sawhorse and needs to be protected. I keep a roll of brown packing paper in the shop for different reasons. This being one of them

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