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Pink Under-Color Hair Ideas for Brunette Girl. When you want a different look for your hair, such as pink color, it may not be suitable if you are working in a formal job. Many women avoid glamorous colors because of their school and work life. Since pink hair color is rarely used like red hair color, underneath color is a good choice Unless your hair is very long, you probably won't need to use the whole container of dye since you're just coloring the underlayer. Tip: If you want a 2-tone or dip-dyed effect, paint a darker color onto the tips of your hair first, then add a lighter color on the rest of the underlayer, all the way up to your roots Mar 16, 2016 - Explore bravo bravo's board Underlayer hair color on Pinterest. See more ideas about hair color, hair, dyed hair #38: Pink Enchantment on Blonde Locks. Brown blonde is the most popular and widespread hair color now. But when every other girl has it, you want to personalize you look. Include a bright unnatural hue, like flamingo pink or any trendy color from color trend reports for the current (or coming) season

Sep 21, 2016 - Explore 캍kat's board Underneath hair colour on Pinterest. See more ideas about hair, dyed hair, hair inspiration Hi everyone, in this video I'm going to be dying my hair PINK!! I've never died my hair before. Please subscribe and come back next week for a brand new vide.. #8: Pink and Purple Streaks. We'll take blonde and purple hair, with extra purple, and hold the blonde, please! This all-color 'do is great for upgrading your ash-blonde locks. Try throwing multiple shades of purple and pink into the mix and opt for a cool color to tone your roots (like navy blue or dark purple brown. If you add dark color over a client's blonde hair without filling first, it'll result in a muddy, gray mess rather than a pretty brown. How To Fix It: Always fill the hair! Here's what that means: If a client is at a Level 9/10, fill them with a gold at a Level 7/8 before doing anything else. It's important to balance out the tones so. A pink hair color pixie for women over 50. A soft shade of pink is sure to attract attention while maintaining your femininity. It's fun color that makes you look younger. Sport this hairstyle if you can match it with a happy personality and smile. Related: Pink Hair Color Idea

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Begin with dry, unwashed hair. Shampoo and conditioner can create a coating around the hair strands and will make it harder for the pink hair dye to adhere to the strands. • Should the instructions dictate, mix the pink hair dye with a white-colored conditioner. Mix the two products together in a non-metal bow 11+ Inspiring Underlayer Hair Color Ideas. Look funky with your hair color take different colors of washable hair, splat hair color ideas google search but with purple underneath, hair colors. If you love bright hair but can't color it because of your job, this is the trend you need to try

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SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL --- https://www.youtube.com/c/StellaCiniI KNOW I SAID I WOULDN'T BLEACH MY HAIR BUT HERE'S THIS VIDEO ANYWAY ‍♀️I am so incredibl.. Oct 5, 2018 - Explore Lacey Cyphers's board Purple Underneath Hair on Pinterest. See more ideas about hair, pretty hairstyles, hair styles Brown Hair With Highlights. Cool Hair Color. Ombre Hair. Blue Peekaboo Highlights. Peekaboo Color. Pink Purple. Hair Dye. 14 Beautiful Blue Hair Streaks for Women. Hair pink peekaboo nail art 32+ new Ideas #hair. kastamonucep6. Underlights Hairstyles. Love Hair. Gorgeous Hair. Hair Colour Design. Coiffure Hair long time no see i swear guys i'm gonna try to upload more, it's just been difficult because of school and cheer. i love u all sm instagram : https://inst..

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  1. The high messy bun is an amazing hairstyle that portrays the beauty and elegance of the blonde hair with brown underneath transition. You can add intricate details to your chignons like a crown braid or twisted tongs.. Ideal for: This style would work well on long, layered and tough-textured hair. How to style: With a messy chignon tied at the top of the head, the hair at the lower back.
  2. Decided what color you want your peek-a-boo hair to be. If you are blonde, go with black or pink. If you have dark hair, go with a lighter color like blonde. To use colors like pink on dark hair, you will still need to bleach the under-layer first. Put on latex gloves. Mix up the bleach or hair dye, and set these aside
  3. Hair dye is translucent, so it only adds to the existing color. This means that you can dye your hair any color you want, as long as the new color is a similar shade or darker. For example, if you have medium brown hair, you could dye it a medium shade of red or even dark brown. However, you couldn't go from black hair to brown hair


  1. Soft lines of pink bordered by purple are enough to dramatically change how this hairstyle looks. Although only slightly visible, the black locks definitely look a lot better with the highlights. # 27 Single Streak Peek-a-Boo. Source. To pull off this look, the texture of your hair has to be perfect
  2. There are countless different hair colors to choose from. We don't just mean blonde, red and brown. We are also talking about embracing different rainbow colors. Think purple, pink, and of course, blue. A happy medium between dark and pastel blue, light blue hair color is one of the most popular unnatural hair colors to
  3. Layered with utmost precision, this neck-length design with sharp ends is simply stunning. The otherwise brown hair streaked in shades of pink, purple, and blue add character to the mane. The underlayer sports bright blue highlights peeking from beneath the neatly arranged layers at the nape of the neck
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We'll take blonde and purple hair, with extra purple, and hold the blonde, please! This all-color 'do is great for upgrading your ash-blonde locks. Try throwing multiple shades of purple and pink into the mix and opt for a cool color to tone your roots (like navy blue or dark purple brown.) Magenta Mane with Purple Piece This fierce underlayer of bright pink on blonde hair does tricks and works exactly like an undercut, in a manner, you can flaunt this hip side of yours in the parties, clubs or with friends, otherwise, hide it underneath your blonde hair. If you're too afraid to pull the neon pink hair dye, you can try this hairstyle and see if it works. 9 Peach Pink Hair Highlights. with darker peach tones at the roots and in the underlayer of hair, with a predominant strawberry blonde base. @_inesmorley_. This effect just works! A hint of gold runs through this balayage, tying the light brown and pastel peach hair color together in a look that'll work for any season. @isaac4mayor. 61. By Ali. 2. Brunette Hair with Auburn Highlights. Warm up your dark hair by going for reddish brown highlights. You can have chunkier pieces of color or thinner ones - depending on your style. By Melissa Maloney. 3. Sun-Kissed Hair. Go for light brown and warm blonde highlights to get that perfect sun-kissed look The brown color she used is not dark, but a lighter brown and mixed with pink pastel. www.koreaboo.com BLACKPINK's Hairstyles and Colors in 2017. In 2017, Jennie still retained her long, straight, and shiny hairstyle. She dyed her hair brown, but this time she used dark-brown colors and made her face look more mature than before. https.

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  1. The underlayer for rabbits of this color is typically a blue-gray color. 4. Black otter. and there are color patches of black and dark brown on the nose, ears, and eyes. 11. Brown-gray agouti. Pearl is a pinkish white underlayer, and when it is frosted, each hair is tipped with black, chocolate, blue, or lilac in varying shades. 23. Gra
  2. 19. Neon Ombre Underlayer. Image Source. Adorn the shoulder-length cocoa brown straightened hair with a stunning neon underlayer giving rise to a contrasting yet whimsical combination. The underlayer sports neon tones such as turquoise blue, neon green, and pear derived from the green palette, tracing the yellow end of the spectrum
  3. What is it called when you dye the underside of your hair, Underneath Hair Color ideas, Underneath hair color for brown hair, Under Hair Dyed Blonde, How to dye the bottom of your hair, How to dye peek a boo hair, Peekaboo hair, Peekaboo hair dye, How to dye your hair two different colors top and bottom, Underneath hair dyed red, Underlayer Hair Dye 2021, Underdye hair
  4. Similarly, if your skin is warmer, then think about shades with red, orange, or pink undertones. Here are some hair color ideas for light skin. 1. Curly Caramel Hair. With dark brown underlayer, the light blonde on top stands out even more. Worn down or up, this blend will always be easy to show off. 13. Thick Blonde Curls
  5. I have very dark brown hair, highlighted, not asian but naturally soft and floppy. I have always struggled to keep the orange under control. Purple shampoo males very little difference. What does help is blue, and i was toning it myself by making w semi with a blue pro tube and 1.5 per cent hp. A bit drying
  6. 11. Curly Hair Color for Brown Skin. Colors that best flatter dark skin are caramel and light blonde. Pair either one of these with your brown or black curly hair and you've got a lovely hairstyle. 12. Curly Hair with Highlights. Do something nice for your waist-length long hair and add caramel highlights

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QianBaiHui Short Brown Wigs for Women Short Fluffy Brown Mix Blonde Hair Wigs with Bangs Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wig + Wig Cap (Brown Mix) LDS002 3.2 out of 5 stars 536 $32.99 $ 32 . 99 Royalfirst Short Hair Wigs for Women Fluffy Brown Mix Blonde Hair Wigs with Bangs Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wig + Wig Cap 3.5 out of 5 stars 8 Underlayer Half And Half Hair Color Top And Bottom. Underlayer half and half hair color top and bottom, Take a look at a clean and brilliant design!This nail artwork injects an enjoyable individuality in you. with The sunshine pinkish and white shades combined with the seemingly washed on peach colored petals reveals as In the event the Solar has picked to glow on you and only you Just a cute little rainbow girl with a flower crown matching her outfit, she has light brown hair and a pink underlayer, hope you like it! Show More. Show Less. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 3px arm (Slim) Background Rainbow Flower Crown Girl KittyKattCrazy. 2 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Aug 01, 2019 This soft and lovely combination of pale pink hair dye over lavender hair is charming and sweet, with a deeper note given by the dark brown roots. It's complex yet airy because while the dark underlayer is quite predominant, it basically totally stops at the ends where the hair gets ultra-light Fine hair asymmetric pixie with coral-pink tint. Hair color ideas for short pixie cut: This cute coral-pink pixie cut is suitable for heart, round and oval faces. The fringe disguises a broad forehead, the shortness of the fringe adds length to a round face and the height on top also adds flattering, facial 'length'

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Roots kept growing and I kept putting off bleaching so my black hair crept back into view and I dyed my tips bright pink so I had black hair and pink tips: For a while I just kept changing the tips of my hair and letting my original color grow out. Blue tips recently. 7 months pass by! (haha, i got sick of dyeing Idk what kind of job you have or why you're trying to get fired, or why you think lying is a good solution. Just go to work like normal. I bet no one says anything. If they're like hey! Your hair is blue! You could be like what? My hair is blac.. 01. Okay blondie, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse it out, get out of the shower & towel-dry your hair. Don't dry it completely, just get most of the moisture out. 02. Put down towels, put on an old t-shirt & read the directions on the bottle to find out the recommend length of time you should leave it in. 03 Hi /u/FitnessUser666, thanks for posting your hair for us to see! If you have a hair dye you used or any other relevant information (e.g., Previous color, bleach, or toner used, etc.), please reply to this comment with that information so that everyone can see it. Thanks! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically Mixing two box dyes together is a great trick to get a more even and dynamic tone. If you're going for a warm hair color, select a natural shade with no tone and mix it with a shade of the same level but with a golden tone. When going darker, your hair will almost always turn out lighter than the shade on the box

#3: Brown Blonde Balayage Lob. Today's hair ideas are endless because of the richest variety of hair shades you can mix in different proportions and get new looks even with your basic haircuts and hairstyles. Dimensional ribbons of brown blonde hair are always impressive whether your locks are long or just grazing your shoulders This honey-brown style with a dark root blends perfectly into a lighter colored brown. Down towards the ends of the hair, brighter colors of blonde are present. This overall look will add dimension to the hair. Curling the hair also helps the colors to blend together. 2. Blonde Babylights with Brown Underlayer Hair A great interest to blonde hair can be explained by the fact that every other brunette wonders what it is to be a blonde and tries a blonde hair color at least once. Today thanks to balayage and ombre color techniques, a border between blonde and brunette palettes is blurred. The lighter and darker, cooler and warmer shades are blended so expertly that we can enjoy a whole host of new hair. Underneath Hair Color ideas, Underneath hair color for brown hair, Underneath Hair ColorBlonde, What is it called when you dye the underside of your hair, Under Hair ColorShort Hair, How to dye the underlayer of your hair, Underneath Hair Color Pink, Underlayer hair C Ritual will work very well to give a deep berry tint to dark unbleached hair, to cover up another warm color effectively if you're trying to color-correct, or to give you a dark, dimensional burgundy to lightened hair. Since it is so pigmented, you'll need to make sure to rinse it well in cold water to prevent excessive bleeding

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  1. The dermis is the thicker underlayer. It contains the sweat glands, hair follicles and nerve endings that feel pain. The subcutaneous tissue (or hypodermis) is the next layer. This fat layer helps the body to maintain temperature. Underneath the subcutaneous layer is muscle and bone. Types of Burns First-Degree or Superficial Burn
  2. The underlayer is one of the newest trends in styling as far as coloring goes. The idea is to hide a completely different color than the one on top in an underlayer of hair. It will only be visible when you go for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. 27. Curly Short Haircuts for Wome
  3. This is because hair is not translucent; it's opaque. With the right products and technique, however, it's possible to dye black hair. Brown is an excellent color choice for black hair because it's natural and not too light (compared to pastel blue, hot pink, blonde, and so forth)
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  5. 18 at the longest point. Human Hair Blended with Heat Resistant Synthetic Fibre up to 180 degrees. Keeps its shape and style. Gorgeous tri tone sideswept fringe graduated darkest brown to blonde, dip dyed with mid brown underlayer. Wear the fringe full parted, side swept or centered. Pre-set bodywave curls. Easy to maintain. Full body and volume
  6. Depending on what ratio of red:purple you use, you'd probably end up with a burgundy/mulberry colour. It also depends on what kind of base you have - if you put it over light blonde hair it'll look much brighter than over dark brown hair, for example. the underlayer at the back) to see how your hair takes the dye
  7. Hair coloring at the salon overview. Before you get your hair colored, the stylist will meet with you to discuss your needs. During this time, you will show them what you want in terms of your color. This can be done either via a photo or simply explaining the technique. With this information, a stylist will be able to recommend his or her.

Coloring Hair Learn everything you want about Coloring Hair with the wikiHow Coloring Hair Category. Learn about topics such as How to Dye Hair, How to Dye the Underlayer of Your Hair, How to Mix Hair Dye, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos 11. Long Dirty Blonde Hair Balayage. There is so much you can do with your long brown hair. Why not highlight it with a dirty blonde hair dye. Add chunky highlights with blonde money pieces for elegant warmer tones around the face. Finish it off by giving your light blonde-colored tips a razor-trim Combine gray hair with light blue locks to tick off two hair color trends in one look. The bright blue underlayer is a surprising finish to this long 'do. Play around with different hairstyles to reveal as much blue as you desire Sixtyone Degree Hair Salon & academy Block H-1-2, Lorong Inanam Capital 6, Inanam Capital, Jalan Nountun, Inanam, Kota Kinabalu . One Degree Hair Studio lot F04, 1st floor Giant kolombong, 5.5 mile jalan tuaran Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu . Slim & Trim Beauty House Slim & Trim Beauty House

27 Blazing Hot Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas In 2019 31 Best Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas Staygla.. Akagami No Shirayuki Hime Snow White With The Red Hair She is shown to be very proud and vain even boasting how she won fairest in the. Snow white with the red hair voice actors. She was later healed in change your mind. She has a talent for singing which she uses to charm animals and make them follow her orders Where The Tudor Red Gold Hair Came From Such Eternal Delight. The Face Of Anne Boleyn Photoshop Reconstruction. Katherine Of Aragon The Beloved Queen Wendy J Dunn. The Spanish Princess Bosses Talk Telling Catherine Of. Henry Viii S Mistresses Who Else Did The Tudor King Sleep #8: Pink and Purple Streaks. We'll take blonde and purple hair, with extra purple, and hold the blonde, please! This all-color 'do is great for upgrading your ash-blonde locks. Try throwing multiple shades of purple and pink into the mix and opt for a cool color to tone your roots (like navy blue or dark purple brown.) Sourc Lowlight Brown Clayey Hair Color. Hidden lowlight is the kind of coloring that ladies who want to play around with their hair can do. In most cases, you do not necessarily need to bleach or get pro colorist to do it for you. It is effortlessly gorgeous, and when displayed, it can flatter anyone

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Pink / purple underlayer. Little bit obsessed with this look. Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights. Brown Hair With Lowlights. Brown Ombre Hair. Hair Color Highlights. Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas 2019 With Highlights c#Brown #Color #Cool #dark #Ha - Modern Simple Ways to Dye the Underlayer of Your Hair 15 Steps. 13 02 2021 Applying the Dye 1 Mix the dye according to the package instructions Many brands of permanent hair dye come with a bottle of developer 2 Put on gloves before you apply the dye to your hair Hair dye can be very irritating to your skin However even if 3 How to bleach dark hair (underlayer) and dye it turquoise! hair dye dark brown splat hair dye jet black. StyleChannel. 2:32. hair dye and conditioner hair dye for dark skin women. StyleChannel. 2:30. hair dye colors for dark skin hair dye how to. StyleChannel. 4:54. Diy: How To Dye Your Hair Pink ( Manic Panic And Iroiro Tutorial ) + How To.

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VIRTUAL TRY-ON: THE GARNIER HAIR COLOR MAKEOVER. It's time for a change! Trying a new hair shade has never been easier! Have fun changing your hair color with our virtual makeover tool!*. Upload a selfie or virtually try on the shade you like. *Not all shades can be used on all hair colors, you can use our shade selector tool to find the best. Blondes do well with light blue and pink. Dark people can have stronger colors like ultramarine blue, magenta, red, green, yellow, violet. People of the midtones (brown hair and skin, green or brown eyes) do well on a green background Hi /u/FitnessUser666, thanks for posting your hair for us to see!If you have a hair dye you used or any other relevant information (e.g., Previous color, bleach, or toner used, etc.), please reply to this comment with that information so that everyone can see it Using colorful hues of Pravana Vivids, she re-created natural brown tones mixing purple, orange, pink, and other shades. The darkest brown started with red, yellow, and green. The darkest brown. With a dark brown prime layer and a lightweight blonde underlayer, Chamberlain's new hair is a singular two-toned look. Though it's onerous to spot Chamberlain's look in her current TikToks due to her oversized hoodies, hopefully she'll submit a video of the new color in its full glory quickly

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Like we mentioned, subtle hair color is en vogue for 2021. Burgundy brown hair is another stylish option that blends deep reds with dark brown hues, leaving you with stunning dimension. Learn How To Get a Burgundy Brown Hair to change things up in the hair color department. #43: PASTEL PINK HAIR. Pink hair isn't just for Breast Cancer. Stylize your brown, mid-length, wavy hair with curls that are prominent towards the ends, adding volume to the locks. Spruce up the underlayer with a balayage of electric purple in conjunction with a vibrant electric indigo tinge to contrast the brown upper layer, accentuated with lavender blush highlights

When it comes to peekaboo highlights, the main attraction is that they allow you to add a pop of color to your hair without previously bleaching everything. So you can get a fantastically fun update to your appearance without worrying that it might damage the integrity of your locks, scalp or split ends. With that idea in mind, we've put together a list of 20+ colorful highlights that can help. Overtone Pink For Brown Hair Review I Tried Overtone's New Pink Dye on My Virgin Brown Hair — Here's What Happened. The Underlayer Hair Colour Trend Is Bold, Playful, and Perfect For.

I'm gonna agree with Black_Kitty--highlights! My hair is naturally dark brown, and I recently went back to that color after a lot of bleaching and coloring, so I know what you mean about the ho-hum conundrum of brown hair. Fear not, however, as brown hair is very versatile! Highlights are good, whether they're subtle or not-so subtle Experimenting with your hair color is one thing; finding the most suitable color for you is another subject entirely. As far as choosing the best hair color for you goes, skin tone plays a key. Hair coloring at the salon overview. Before you get your hair colored, the stylist will meet with you to discuss your needs. During this time, you will show them what you want in terms of your color. This can be done either via a photo or simply explaining the technique. With this information, a stylist will be able to recommend his or her.

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  1. May 17, 2021 - Explore Natalia Balicka's board Brown Hair Dyed on Pinterest. See more ideas about hair, long hair styles, ombre hair. brown hair with pastel pink dip-dye by brendaq on Indulgy.com. Underlayer hair colors are a FUN way to change up your look - in spring to match the flowers and breeze, in summer to match your swimsuit.
  2. Hair Color Trend #2: Tonal Terracotta. Not all brunettes will be cooling things down though. I predict more people will be switching to auburn hair in 2021, says Rae. It's a rich red-brown that is pretty flattering for most. Depending on the intensity of the red, it can look like brunette with hints of red undertones or look like a.
  3. During Jerry and Terri's Ring Ceremony, Dora wore a strapless, pink knee-length gown with a purple sash and a black underlayer, a white pearl necklace, and purple boots. Her winterwear in the Advanced Education series consists of a dark purple winter hat with a pink poofball and brim, a hot pink jacket with a white hood, light pink stripe on.

Jan 2, 2017 - From allover lavender to purple ombres, these 30 styles will have you rushing to get some extraordinary hair color in your life. Check our lavender hair ideas. Pinterest. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with. 3. Wingssims' Wings-OE0528 (+ Bonus Ombre Hair Retexture by Lisaminicatsims) Base Hairstyle CC +Ombre Retexture CC. Wingssims' Wings-OE0528 hairstyle is another short, wispy, whimsical hairdo that comes in the most gorgeous color palette I've seen so far.. Most of the 20 custom colors are shades of soft blonde, soft strawberry blonde, and light peach My color mixing guide, how to mix your colors, color recipes, color mixing tips, and a few pointers on setting up your palette.. Why is color even important? Did you know that color is the #1 factor in the decision process of an art purchase. Yep! If the color aien't right, the buyer moves on! Read further to find out how to mix your colors, how to match any color using 3 to 5 colors, and to. Black Hair With Pink Underlayer; Cute Simple Hairstyles Black Hair; Anime Short Black Hair Bangs; Red Bangs Black Hair Egirl; Simple Ponytail Hairstyles For Black Hair; Fade Black Men Hair Cuts; Short Hair With Body Perm; Blonde Ombre For Short Hair; Getting A Perm With Short Hair; Black Short Hair With Balayage; Short Black Hair With Side Bang

The dark pink hombre effect is mostly visible in the back and as an underlayer, but could be brushed out and styled to the front. Attaching photos - one outdoors where I pinned the front back for faux bangs (and put it on quickly so it's a little askew); more in indoor light where I've styled it a little and cut the bangs myself Hair loss around the head, ears, face, and neck, accompanied by oozing sores and intense itching, can also signify a food allergy. Oftentimes, a food allergy leads to chronic ear infestations, increasing the rate of hair loss in affected cats. In such cases, hair loss occurs mainly due to the intense skin irritation caused by an allergic reaction

Step 2: Block in the Hair Color and Value. Although we are concentrating on skin tones, quickly blocking in the hair color and value frames the face. It will help us determine what colors to use for the skin tone, and make sure it is accurate. When you paint on top of plain white, you will think your skin tone is too dark, when in reality it. Specialties: Unfortunately I had to close if the Happy Hair I have moved to the Phenix Salon Suites on the corner of Brookhurst and Ball Suite 129 this is Valerie. My phone number is 714-3310 1899 Established in 1974. Back in the day this was a man's barber shop. After the remodel we now have three salon rooms. Valerie and Anne have beautifully decorated, fashion forward girls rooms. And Steve. 7. Black Silver Hair Highlights. If you want to be more creative but like to take it low-key, bleach your hair all the way through and add black highlights. It makes up for a trendier and cooler you! 8. Icy Silver Hair. This icy hair color embodies the pure beauty of having silver hair

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Rinse the dye off of the gloves. Mix the second color according to the box's instructions, then un-clip the top section of hair and apply to that portion of the hair, starting at the roots and progressing to the ends. Twist dyed hair into a bun and secure with a clip. Leave the mixture on for the designated time 49 Beautiful light brown hair color to try for a new look- The Best Hair Colour Ideas For A Change-Up This Year, Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - brown Balayage Highlights,Beachy balayage hair color ##balayage #blondebalayage #hairpainting #hairpainters #bronde #brondebalayage #highlights #ombrehair Sassy Pastel Pink Balayage and Shadow. Blonde Hair with Red Highlights: Hair Color Ideas /Via. Be adventurous. This season's short styles for blonde hair with red highlights will make you a real trendsetter amongst your friends and grab all the attention. You could have a contemporary-casual,tousled bob with edgy, red roots to be absolutely original