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Bellbottoms were like the clothing mullet before the mullet was really a thing. These pants that looked business up top yet screamed party down low were a staple for 70's fashion goers everywhere. 2. Platforms. Wanting to be taller is a common wish among people Playgrounds in the '70s were about as user-friendly as modern-day adult obstacle endurance races. Sure, there wasn't as much barbed wire, but the equipment was just as unforgiving and brutal. Monkey bars were made of cold steel that could break bones without mercy Nobody actually liked 8-track tapes—they were simply the only thing available in the '70s for recording and listening to music. They were incredibly complicated, with four programs instead of sides. You had to toggle from program to program, making the whole enterprise hugely annoying and clunky. 50 Popular Foods From the 1970s There were some weird and wonderful foods that were popular in the 70's. Many are still around, some are gone but missed, and some are mercifully no more (like vegetables in Jello-O). Many of these will make you nostalgic if you were around in the 70's, or remind you of visits to your Grandmother if you weren't The 1970s were arguably the best decade in living history.. Although those of us who had the privilege of living through it might be a bit biased. I mean we did have David Cassidy pinned to our bedroom walls (and ceilings), got to wear bellbottoms, didn't wear seat belts and drank cordial out of cool coloured metal cups.. It was a also, however, a decade of massive change and divide

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The Doors were one of the most popular rock groups from the 1960s and even had a hit album to start off the 70s, but lead singer Jim Morrison's untimely death in 1971 put the remaining members in. The 70s—it sure does seem like it was a more laid-back, dare we say more mellow, time, doesn't it? Disco was king, Jaws menaced moviegoers, and everybody was on roller skates. Houses were one-story ranch-style, or split level and filled with never-before seen design choices (most of which have been never seen again). But whether good, bad, or just plain tacky, home interiors were certainly. Sex was huge in the '70s! After the birth control pill was approved by the FDA in 1960, the 70s came roaring in with the wheels already set in motion for the for free love movement from the previous decade. Sex became a big focus for the public, not only in practice but in the issues surrounding sex as well The 1970s were all about easy breezy, finding ways to make things easier, keep things calm, and laid back. If you're a 70s kid, you probably remember your parents using this at one point or another. The hand mixer from the 70s is another kitchen tool to make cooking faster, easier, and making the clean up process a breeze It was a decade that spawned the Sex Pistols and the Vietnam War, platform shoes and Saturday Night Fever. The Seventies also gave us The Godfather and Space Hoppers but those glam rock years will..

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Scarves were a BIG Part of 1970s fashion. Popular scarf designs included bold, bright colors and patterns, paisley prints, chevron stripes, sequined designs, and patterns inspired by psychedelic art and nature. 70 Fashion Trends of the 70s (21-30) (in no particular order The '70s saw the birth of tons of our favorite things. Celebrate the decade of disco with these triumphs and one of its greatest inventions in particular - Miller Lite 70 historic moments from the 1970s. Updated 12:44 PM ET, Mon August 17, 2015. 1 of 71. previous image. next image. Pop culture and politics collided on December 21, 1970, when the King of Rock 'n.

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Introduced in 1971, Hamburger Helper was a mind-blowing concept to people used to having everything made from scratch. Jello salads were all the rage during the '70s. We just really weren't down with the varieties that incorporated tuna, olives and beef into the gelatin. We all loved the sizzle of orbiting orange, galactic grape, and cosmic. 70+ Notable Things That Happened the 1970s. A single recorded for the album would forever top lists of all-time greatest rock songs: Stairway to Heaven. the buildings were the tallest in.

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The following 34 things rocked your world if you grew up in the 60s and 70s and you'll remember them forever. 1) If you were a teenage girl, you most likely had a pair of these. doyouremember.com 2) Things from the 70s: Atari let you enjoy video games at home for the first time ever and it rocked. wikipedia.co Updated May 13, 2019 The 1970s mean two things to many Americans: the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. Both dominated the front pages of every newspaper in the country for a good part of the early '70s Bringing peanut butter in your lunch. There were plenty of kids back then that had peanut allergies, but peanut and other allergy bans just weren't a thing. To make things worse, Epipens didn't hit the market until 1987, so if you had a severe allergy you pretty much just had to hope you wouldn't die Bellbottoms were still popular in the 1970's during the disco years and even in the 1990's when the Gen X crowd was wearing them to be cool too. Black Light. In the late sixties, black light put things in a new perspective - adding a fluorescent glow to the room. White T-shirts and teeth would light up the room with their bright white glow That's what makes reminiscing so much fun and so popular. Being born in 1970, I can only bring up those things that we used to do and have in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, don't let those of you longer in the tooth, from sharing the things that you used to do or have, yet no longer see. 1. Keeping the groceries company

Drugs were a big influence on '70s pop culture as well. LSD use hit its peak, drugs affected several big stars at this time, and the government's view on drugs became a lot stricter in the '70s. 1970: Drugs are bad - Under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug on the basis that it has a high potential. Two thousand adults were quizzed about their 70 favourite things from the Seventies to mark the show's launch on Sky Atlantic next Monday. The sci-fi classic was probably helped to the top by. 11 reasons why the 70s were the best decade to be a kid Who remembers stuff about the 70s? Looking back to me it was all a bit weird. One Mumsnetter's idle question kickstarted a polyester-clad trip down memory lane. 1. There was no end to the dizzying array of new technology and home innovations..

Jun 11, 2020 - A visual tour of the items that surrounded us in the 1960s and 1970s, focusing on everyday objects we saw in our homes, schools, stores, and on tv. Please check out my other boards for 70s food, toys, etc!. See more ideas about my childhood memories, childhood memories, remember The most popular line from one of the greatest movies of the 70s(and of all time) StarWars. 'Phony' To describe an overbearing, two faced, or deceitful person or thing. Also: Phony Baloney which then became: Baloney which is an active form, used to instantly dismiss the phony person or utterance. 'That's Sick! Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! 19 Insane Things That Were Actually Acceptable In The '60s

Here are nine things that used to be totally taboo — and not so long ago. My, how times have changed. 1. Visible bra straps. While we can all agree that nowadays, a visible panty line is a major fashion faux pas, it was considered inappropriate for your bra straps to peek out from underneath your shirt Stephen Paul Miller calls the 1970s the uncanny decade—the undecade. Things were particularly weird in these years, which remain shrouded in America's cultural memory, as if by a kind of smog. One reason for the haze is the period's elusive placement between the highly overdetermined 1960s—often considered by historians to last well into the subsequent [ The cost of synthetics such as vinyl and nylon rose as well. As a result, everyday designers kept things simple. Popular fabrics & patterns in 1973 were tweeds, flannels, plaids, checks and stripes. Rust, peach, tangerine, copper, forest green, pistachio were popular colors. Accessories were subdued The 1970s were a special time in America. We celebrated our 200th year of independence, we had disco, and we protested the Vietnam War. But with 200 years of independence, one would think that a person living in America was free to live their life the way they see fit Although the 1970s were an era of political turmoil and hard economic times, there were also disco, free love, and basement hangs.When it came to food, home-cooked meals were a little weird; this was also an era of widely mass-produced snacks.Packaged snacks became a bigger part of the American household in the '70s, and there were plenty of interesting treats to choose from

From the first mobile phone to the Rubik's Cube to barcodes, some of the world's greatest inventions emerged during the '70s. Check out these 10 things you probably didn't realize were. 14 Things You Owned in the '70s That are Worth a Fortune Now. From old toys and housewares to books and records, these pieces of '70s memorabilia have aged (and increased in value) like fine wine. They were named after the character Daisy Duke (portrayed by actress Catherine Bach ) in the American television series , The Dukes of Hazzard. Dashboard Hula Girls A small hula girl doll that attached to your car dashboard and danced when the car moved.Made popular by California surfers

But things were becoming more modernized and houses became a lot more personalized. People also realized and renewed the love of historical architecture and brought a little bit of that classic style back. The Sears tower was the star building of the 70's and became the tallest building in the world Satin, off-the-shoulder dresses, jumpsuit and lamé gowns were all the rage, as were crop tops and skirts (thank you Cher). 1970s fashion designers. So many fashion designers defined the 70s. These posters were awesome! So cool and retro. They have become part of our culture. Think of the iconic poster for Woodstockit is still popular today and the poster has been made into t-shirts, coffee mugs, screensavers and more posters. Concert posters of the 1960s and 1970s had a groovy, trippy vibe to them

Craft Fads Through the Decades. Almost everyone has had a brush with a craft fad. From sock monkeys to putting a bird on it, craft crazes have a way of defining an era and its interests. In the United States, the modern craft boom kicked off in the prosperous post-war 1950s, when many Americans had an increase in leisure time and income While only one woman landed a top twenty hit in the '60s top twenty recap, seven ladies achieved that status in the '70s. Some of these were disco frontwomen, but more were balladeers: Debby Boone.

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1976: Kellogg's Concentrate Cereal. Concentrate cereal was introduced in 1959, but it was popular throughout the '70s. It took its title from the high concentration of nutrients that were added to the cereal, making parents feel like it was a healthy breakfast choice for kids 3.Etch-A-Sketch. In the 1970's, Ohio Art issued 'Hot Pink' and 'Cool Blue' frames, and for the toy's 25th anniversary in 1985, the company offered the Executive Etch-A-Sketch-boasting a snazzy silver frame, a hand-carved signature at the top of the frame and jeweled drawing knobs! It priced in at $3,750 back then, so you better have. Fashion in the 1970s was about individuality. In the early 1970s, Vogue proclaimed There are no rules in the fashion game now due to overproduction flooding the market with cheap synthetic clothing. Common items included mini skirts, bell-bottoms popularized by hippies, vintage clothing from the 1950s and earlier, and the androgynous glam rock and disco styles that introduced platform shoes. Sure, this expression met its heyday in the '80s from the television show Full House, but long before DJ Tanner was spouting out how chill her legumes were, cool beans was a popular fixture in '70s lingo to express one's delight and agreement. Curiously, the phrase originates from a nineteenth-century idiom, some beans: By golly! You.

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  1. 10 reasons life in the 70s and 80s was better than today. YOU can keep your Snapchat, Wi-Fi and VR, we all know the 70s and 80s were better. Here are 10 things today's spoilt children are.
  2. The original spot was launched in the 1950s, and the chain grew based on its popular beer-steamed hot dogs, fried seafood, and frosted glass beers. By the late '70s, though, the company had been sold
  3. g became more popular later in the decade, creating looks from tight curls to more bubble-like creations. One perm that was so 1970s was the stack perm. A stack perm involved per
  4. The 70s was the decade of strikes. Union muscle had been flexed in the 50s and 60s, as rising prosperity and near full employment made people feel that their jobs were safe and they could ask for more. It was the 70s though, that felt the full force of what the unions could do
  5. ded of how less restricted, less supervised, less obsessively safety-conscious.
  6. 1969 U.S. agricultural exports were about $5.76 billion a year during the 1960s (22.9% of total exports). 1969 Average commercial fertilizer use on U.S. farms during the 1960s was about 32.3 million tons per year. 1969 Pringles potato chips were introduced - made from dehydrated, mashed potatoes

The 1970s mean two things to many Americans: the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. Both dominated the front pages of every newspaper in the country for a good part of the early '70s Probably the most popular drug-related wall poster of the 1960s-1970s were those depicting the most popular drug of that era - marijuana (pot, dope, etc.). Some were black light posters with black velvet backgrounds and bright green marijuana leaves in the foreground. Others pictured bongs and water pipes and various drug paraphernalia FPG / Getty Images. In the postwar America of the 1950s, many changes for consumers were afoot.New on the scene in this decade: credit cards, power steering, diet soft drinks, music synthesizers, and transistor radios.The baby boom generation made hula hoops a craze, and the Barbie doll began her decades-long, ageless run.. In the changing people's lives department, there were birth control. What was going on in the 60s and 70s? The Sixties dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, the 60s also saw the assassinations of US President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Cuban Missile Crisis, and finally ended on a good note when the first man is landed on the moon Things have changed so much since 1979 in the world of light plane aviation. So, if you're still thinking in terms of $300,000 entry-level aircraft, check out what life was like in the 1970s. It was pretty sweet. Most popular car in United States, 1977: Chevy Impala. Number built: more than 250,00

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  1. A lot of cool things happened in the 1970s. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory was first released, Pong was incorporated into arcades and the first reality show came out! The Beatles broke up, Leonardo Dicaprio was born (hallelujah, right?) and Saturday Night Live debuted. Like we said, there were LOTS of cool things that happened in the '70s, but you know what else was super cool about.
  2. By the late '70s, teeny bikinis were more en vogue than ever and bandeaus were super hot. Take a look at this example from the Givenchy 1979 runway show. Take a look at this example from the.
  3. A Rubik's Cube. Gabriel Rocha/Flickr. The Rubik's Cube has been confounding kids and adults alike since its invention in 1974, but it was in its heyday in the early '80s. In fact, one of the best-selling book of 1981 was The Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube, written by James G. Nourse, a chemistry professor
  4. Hippie, member of a countercultural movement during the 1960s and '70s that rejected the mores of mainstream American life. The movement originated on college campuses in the United States, although it spread to other countries. Read here to learn more about the lifestyle and beliefs of hippies
  5. 1920s: Things Get Nutty. The '20s saw the rise of the nut, in particular, the peanut. In a way it was the most obvious next step, said Mitchell, adding something that people were already.
  6. utes of the pilot, viewers knew they were watching something special. And though some fans are not too pleased with how the show ended up in its later seasons, most agree that the shows first three seasons are some of the best television ever made.. RELATED: 10 of Lucy Ricardo's Funniest Quote
  7. What Women Were Given. Then: Free orchids and menus without prices. The practice of giving a menu without prices to a woman on a date largely disappeared in the '70s. Some restaurants still keep price-free menus on hand for business dinners. Now: The wine list. Rules. Then: Jackets required
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Really the tank top of the 70s was a forerunner to the scoop necked camisole top of the 1980s, the shell of the 1990s and the vest of the millennium. It may be laughed at now, but it was a useful garment worn with a blouse, or simply worn blouse free with a matching V neck long style cardigan just like a modern twin set The '70s was a fun time to be a kid, and we bet that you remember all of these popular foods from the decade. The 1970s were, to put it gently, an interesting decade. It was the decade of polyester and disco, of Watergate and the Iran hostage crisis, of Star Wars and Jaws, of All in the Family and The Muppet. Nearly as popular were the Beatles' Let It Be, O-o-h Child by the Five Stairsteps and B.J. Thomas' Raindrops [...] The Best Songs of the 1970s — Best 70s Songs LOGI The duo were protectors of the forest and each week they had to fight some bad guy who had the intention of doing what he shouldn't be doing. The segments were about 15 minutes long and became popular enough for the show to become a 30 minute stand alone series 1979. Ray Young who donned the Bigfoot makeup for this show passed away July 6, 1999

Between 1970 and 1979, Van Morrison released 10 studio albums, 7 of which featured in the top 50 of the Billboard 200. Van Morrison released 25 singles during the 70s. Domino and Wild Night were the only tracks to enter the US Top 40. Van Morrison has won 2 Grammy Awards from 7 nominations During the 70s, Diana Ross went from being the lead singer of the female group Supremes to being one of the world's top female solo artist. Some of her songs that made it to the top of the charts were Touch Me in the Morning, Love Hangover, and Last Dance. Top 3 Hits. Remember Me ; Ain't No Mountain High Enoug

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One element of That '70s Show that is pretty widely known is the fact that the core six cast members were all relatively new actors and they were all fairly young. While Topher Grace, Danny Masterson, and Ashton Kutcher were all in their 20s, Laura Prepon was 19 when the show started, and Mila Kunis was only 14 when the show premiered They were the first candy bar to combine milk chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, and peanuts and are the oldest combination candy bar in existence. 1914 The Heath Bar is introduced by L.S. Heath & Sons; 1914 Mary Janes are created by Charles N. Miller in Boston, MA. Learn more about this nostalgic classic here Whether you were a kid growing up or an adult living the American dream, life in the '60s was a lot different than in 2018. It's worth mentioning that although things were done differently back then, some things they did were questionable and even downright terrifying Enduring, strong-featured, and genial star of US cinema, Burt Reynolds started off in T.V. westerns in the 1960s and then carved his name into 1970s/1980s popular culture, as a sex symbol (posing nearly naked for Cosmopolitan magazine), and on-screen as both a rugged action figure and then as a. In 1976, Betamax and VHS were dueling for supremacy in the video recording wars, but by the end of the decade VHS had come out on top. Cassette tapes, introduced in the '60s, became increasingly popular throughout the '70s and pushed the 8-track into the dustbin of history

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Michael Gebicki. Travellers today will find it hard to believe how backpackers travelled in the '70s. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK. Back in the 1970s, before Afghanistan imploded and the shah still sat on. The 1970s rang in an era of convenience, with Americans celebrating snacks that were simple to prepare and easy to eat on the go. Whether you're nostalgic for the tastes of your childhood or want to indulge in some authentic snacks for a '70s theme party, you may find that many popular '70s snack foods continue to hold up today Without the technology we have today, we children of the '70s and '80s had to learn to deal with challenges that present-day teenagers can't even imagine. 1. We learned delayed gratification. They were called Saturday morning cartoons for a reason—we had to wait until Saturday to watch them. We couldn't binge-watch Josie and the. When That '70s Show first aired, the main cast was relatively young, with the oldest of the main crew being Danny Masterson, who was 22 in real life.The stars were also relatively unknown at the.

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Stutz Blackhawk. The Blackhawk basically is the 1970s wrapped up in a single car. It cost slightly more than a Lamborghini Miura, but what you got was a body that was hand-built in Turin, Italy. Piled on top of pavlovas or sliced onto tarts, the kiwi was a sure fire way to show friends and family you were a fully blown foodie. 1989: Vegetarian food Veggie food was becoming more and more popular during the late 80s

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Most of the technology we use today find their common ancestors from a product sold in the 1970s. So let's look back at the 7 big tech advancements from the 1970s that completely changed the worl These platforms shoes were my favorites back in 1976. My mother's boyfriend (now husband) Rick, was a professional photographer. I can still hear him in my head saying: Rob, how can you walk in those things! A big thank you to Rick for taking the pic and memorializing this uber snap shot of the 70's. Sign of the Times In the '70s, people often wore bold and daring outfits. While there were a variety of different looks for the decade, most of them incorporated eye-catching colors and patterns, a silhouette that was tight up top and loose down the bottom, and interesting textures, such as satin, suede, and corduroy Board games like Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Tactics were popular in the 1950s. Jimmy Rosen shared this photo of a family playing Carrom. The two-sided square board features a checkers side and. 10 Classic Outdoor Games from the '70s that It's Time To Teach Your Kids 7/21/16 - By Roberta B When folks talk about summers back in the day, they say things like, We just went outside and played

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The New York City blackout of 1977 was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City from July 13, 1977 to July 14, 1977. The only neighborhoods in New York City that were not affected were in southern Queens, and neighborhoods of the Rockaways, which are part of the Long Island Lighting Company System Of these 20 popular board games of the 70s and 80s, how many have you played? While some kids were playing Atari or Nintendo, others were still enjoying board games. Here are a few of the top board games of the 1970s and 1980s. 1,106 users · 16,824 views made by Becky McDonald Encao. avg. score: 11 of 20 (56%).

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Another form of entertainment became popular in the 1980s. It was the television talk show. People appeared on these shows mostly to talk about themselves: their politics, their families, their sexual relations. They talked in public about things that were once considered private. Much of the popular music of the time also showed this new openness Of course, the Bee-Gees were popular, too, so there's no accounting for taste. Photo: Flickr / dave_7. Main photo: Flickr / raffa080808. As an antidote to all this awful iron, we suggest you check.

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by the late 70s, Sony's market share in sales of Betamax VCRs was below that of sales of VHS machines; consumers chose the VHS' longer videocassette tape time and larger tape size, over Sony's smaller and shorter tape time (of 1 hour) [Note: by 1987, about 90 percent of the $5.25 billion market of VCRs sold in the United States were based on. 5 songs you didn't know were about the Vietnam War. Six things you didn't know about the Iran hostage crisis. The best songs of the '70s, as picked by CNN stars Disco lasted only a decade but it initiated several traditions that are still with us today, most notably in dance and dance music. 1) While rock music in the 1970s was becoming a sit-down medium, with the stars up on the stage in the lights, and the audience listening in the dark below, Disco reversed this, putting the audience in the spotlight

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Most places you go there, people still say things like, They go together like an RC Cola and a Moon Pie, and Southerners get misty eyed at the combo. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Moon Pies were founded in 1917 and were a popular sweet snack across the South This week we decided to take a look at the top ten favorite things that the Bronze Age of comics in the 70's brought us. Trust me, picking 10 is not an easy task. Whether it's the realistic artistic style that Neal Adams brought to the page or the strong social stories that were brought to life, there were many wonderful things Teenage girl's fashion trends in the early 1970s were a carryover from the hippie era. Natural fabrics in paisley or tie-dye were favored. Exotic ethnic styles were in. Mexican peasant blouses and gaucho pants were popular as well as boldly colored and patterned Indian and African clothes. Hip-hugger and bell-bottom pants were all the rage

The Tab says Sunny Delight hit shelves in 1968, well before we were really paying attention things like artificial ingredients. It was almost insanely popular, and when it hit the UK in 1998 it came in behind only Coke and Pepsi in the drinks market. That's weird, because it was essentially 4 to 5 percent fruit juice and 95 percent a watery. You know you're a child of the '70s if . 1. You had a Scalextrics set. Image credit: fs-collectibles.com. 2. You can recite McDonald's Big Mac song: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. 3. You used Perkins Paste at school. Image credit: Pinterest Top 10 Actors You Forgot Were on That '70s Show // Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1Even if you've seen every episode multiple ti.. Pearlescent colors were popular for eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick, and liquid eye shadows became the rage. When foundation was worn at all, it was not matted down with powder, but left alone to shine a bit. Updated skin care and skin appearances in the 70's Skin care became more of a concept in the Seventies