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Reserve your room at Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel, a place of comfort, hospitality, and wellbeing. Experience the geothermal pleasures of the hotel's private, mineral-rich lagoon

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The Silica Hotel lagoon is open daily from 09:00 to 22:00 Silica Deluxe. Entrance to the Blue Lagoon. 26 sqm / 280 sqf. King Size bed. Walk-in shower. Entrance to Silica Lagoon. Creating an environment of modern simplicity, relaxing comfort, and sublime serenity, Silica Deluxe rooms are enhanced by the enchantment of the mineral-rich waters bordering the terrace. Though the waters are not for bathing.

While the main Blue Lagoon in itself is an experience, the private lagoon is much quieter and less crowded, plus it's only steps from your room and the hotel restaurant if you fancy a nap or a snack. It's also open later than the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon at Silica Hotel closes at midnight, whereas the Blue Lagoon can close as early as 9 pm The Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel is definitely one to visit. The hotel is only a kilometer away from the main Blue Lagoon resort. It is surrounded by lava landscapes and is a mere 10-minute walk away from the Blue Lagoon thermal springs. The hotel's 35 bright and spacious double/twin rooms are equipped with modern décor Silica Purifying Shampoo draws upon the powers of the Blue Lagoon's iconic active ingredient - silica - to nourish and strengthen the scalp. Use 2-3 times a week for one month. Thereafter, use once a week. Avoid contact with eyes Silica Hotel is the closest hotels near the Blue Lagoon, since it is located right next to this extremely popular must do in Iceland (within 5 minutes walking distance). For ISK60,600 (≈USD610) a night, we got a beautiful room surrounded by the lava field, complimentary breakfast, 2 Premium admission tickets to the Blue Lagoon worth ISK10,200. 2) Get Free Premium Entry To The Blue Lagoon From Silica Hotel. Whilst the lagoon at the hotel is pretty amazing, and in my opinion, just as good as the real thing, you probably still want to experience the actual Blue Lagoon as well. If you're staying at the Silica Hotel, entry to The Blue Lagoon is included in the price of your stay

Value. Travelers' Choice. Set in the heart of a stunning lava landscape, Silica Hotel is just ten minutes' walk from the Blue Lagoon. The hotel offers its own private bathing lagoon, available for hotel guests every day from 09:00 to 22:00. The Hotel has won several design awards Blue Lagoon opening hours. Opening hours July-December Daily, from 09:00-20:00. Holiday opening hours May 13th 10:00-20:00 May 24th 10:00-20:00. View all opening hours →

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  1. The Silica Lagoon is open from 9:00 to 22:00 every day, and premium access to the Blue Lagoon is built into your stay at Silica Hotel. The Blue Lagoon history dates back to 1976 when it formed next to the geothermal power plant, Svartsengi. The lagoon is in fact not natural, and was caused by a man-made structure for excess water from the power.
  2. Home to one of 25 wonders of the world, Blue Lagoon Iceland is a place where the powers of geothermal seawater create transformational spa journeys. Find out more at BlueLagoon.com
  3. utes but preferably longer and until it dries. This same silica mud is sold in the Blue Lagoon gift shops and elsewhere for $100 a bottle but in the Lagoon its FUH-REE! Celebrate good times, come on! Blue Lagoon Tips bonus: Don't shop in the gift shop
  4. Silica Mud Mask is a high concentrate of Blue Lagoon iconic ingredient. This prodigious face mask deep-cleanses and strengthens skin, reducing the visibility of pores
  5. Silica and Mineral Mask Duo Rich in the bioactive BLUE LAGOON SILICA, the iconic Silica Mud Mask draws out impurities as it deep-cleanses and clarifies skin. This natural white clay mask boosts the skin's barrier function and tightens visible pores, for

The Silica Hotel Lagoon is accessible between 9:00 and 22:00. This hotel is the ultimate romantic getaway. The hotel is for adults only, 18 years and older, and has rave reviews from visitors Home > Blue Lagoon > Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel If you wish to make reservations, please contact as via hello@icelandeasy.com or on (+852)3580 1735

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  1. 1 Review. $339.00 $416.00 -19%. You save $77.00. Feel the nurturing powers of nature with all four iconic Blue Lagoon facial masks: Algae, Silica Mud, Lava, and Mineral Mask. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free. Non-comedogenic
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  1. Silica Hotel. Complete with a tranquil vibe in both atmosphere and design, this spa-like retreat is an ideal base from which to explore the active volcanoes, geothermal mud pools, rock formations, and rugged landscape of the UNESCO-protected Reykjanes Peninsula and to enjoy direct Blue Lagoon access. All of the 35 spacious and light-filled.
  2. Silica Hotel is equipped with a small self-serve bistro offering a selection of snacks and beverages. For more extensive dining options, you can visit Blue Café, Lava Restaurant, or Moss Restaurant. Blue Café. Located in the main Blue Lagoon complex, Blue Cafe offers a range of refreshments including sandwiches, salads, sushi, smoothies, beer.
  3. Blue Lagoon Comfort Experience tour at the departure time of your choosing on Day 4. Includes entrance to the Blue Lagoon, silica mud mask, use of a towel, and a drink of your choice. Pick-up times from your hotel: 8:30am or 12:30pm. Tour duration: approximately 6 hours, including 4 hours at the Blue Lagoon
  4. Dealing with messy Blue Lagoon Hair. As explained, soaking in the pristine Blue Lagoon near the Keflavik Airport without some preventative measures can cause your hair to become rough and brittle due to the high silica content in the water (which is also the reason the water is so blue). Luckily, Iceland In 8 Days has some solutions for you

Silica Hotel Lagoon - The private lagoon at the Silica Hotel is for hotel guests only, is pretty much the same deal, but on a smaller scale. There are separate changing/showering areas for men and women, and both had private showering stalls with curtains and the same amenities (conditioner, shower gel, hair dryers) The algae and silica mud extracts induced collagen and may help with the reduction of transepidermal water loss.. The conclusion was that the bioactives in Blue Lagoon have the capacity to improve skin barrier function and to prevent premature skin aging. So silica mud from the Blue Lagoon looks to be the real deal

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Silica Indulgence: A deep cleansing and renewing silica massage that reduces stress and muscle tension in the shoulders and back, beginning with a massage using Blue Lagoon silica mud, which cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Choose between 30 or 60 minute treatments Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland-Amazing experience! Hotel TourThe Silica Hotel located at Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the place to go for a unique and relaxin.. We're in Iceland! While we're here we are staying at the hotel right next to the Blue Lagoon, the Silica Hotel! This hotel is a short walk from the Blue La.. For travelers visiting Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is high on almost everyone's bucket list. It's warm, milky blue water and otherworldly appearance is like something out of a dream. On my last trip to Iceland, I took the day to relax and play around in the lagoon, and it was magical!. While the silica and sulphur in the water of the Blue Lagoon are amazing for your skin, beware There is a spa onsite, which offers treatments including massages under the Blue Lagoon waterfall, in-water salt and silica scrubs and massages, and facials (performed indoors). There's an onsite restaurant, café, and bar, all with views of the Blue Lagoon, and an onsite hotel and conference center

1,255 reviews. #2 of 4 hotels in Grindavik. Location. Cleanliness. Service. Value. Travelers' Choice. Set in the heart of a stunning lava landscape, Silica Hotel is just ten minutes' walk from the Blue Lagoon. The hotel offers its own private bathing lagoon, available for hotel guests every day from 09:00 to 22:00 The silica is thick and it is recommended that bathers coat their hair in conditioner to protect it from the gummy silica. The Blue Lagoon offers many amenities to guests. There is an onsite hotel and conference center with a café, restaurant and bar with views of the lagoon. There is also a spa onsite

What are the opening hours for Silica Lagoon? Dining options at Silica Hotel and Blue Lagoon Iceland; On the day of my arrival, am I entitled to breakfast before I have checked in? Are treatments offered at Silica Hotel? Do you offer transfers between the hotel and the Blue Lagoon? Transfers to the hotel; If I book online, when is payment for. Silica is the biggest influencer in the water at the Blue Lagoon. Silica's main function is to strengthen the skin, renew, exfoliate and deep cleanse. This is the main product of the Blue Lagoon skincare, which is handed out free to those bathing in the Blue Lagoon. The Lava Scrub Mask

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Effects of Blue Lagoon Water. According to Icelandic dermatologist Jenna Huld Eysteinsdottir, research on the effects of the Blue Lagoon's algae and silica on skin cells showed an increase in the genes that prevent skin aging. These were in vitro laboratory studies, however, and I am not aware of any that looked at actual patients The terrace of each room faces the volcanic rock tundra or lagoon. The volcanic rock is covered with delicate moss, and if you are outside the planet. Guests have exclusive Silica Lagoon, and you can go straight to the hot springs by changing the bathrobes in the room. There will never be someone fighting for you in a bucket of white volcanic mud

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In the Retreat Lagoon, you can wade through lava canyons, half-hidden in the mysterious steam. With a 4-hour entry, you can make the most of the private changing room and the eight subterranean spaces. Complete the Blue Lagoon Ritual by covering your body with silica, algae, and minerals in three separate chambers The Blue Lagoon's geothermal seawater will not ruin your swimsuit or cause permanent stains. However, we recommend rinsing your swimsuit with cold water and soap after using the lagoon. If you prefer, you may rent a swimsuit for ISK 800. Likewise, you can purchase a swimsuit in the shop at Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon holds approximately 9 million liters of geothermal seawater which is naturally renewed about every 2 days. The water is rich in a number of minerals, primarily salt, silica, and algae. But the Blue Lagoon contains a number of naturally-occurring minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, chlorine, and fluorine With button-operated rain showers, hair and skincare products made with silica and algae source directly from the Blue Lagoon, and a duvet so fluffy you'll never want to get out of bed, book at. SILICA HOTEL Make your visit to Blue Lagoon truly special with an unforgettable stay at Silica Hotel. Built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers an oasis of calm, relaxation, and healing. Set in the heart of a stunning lava landscape, Silica Hotel is a just ten-minute walk from the Blue Lagoon

Just a short stroll from the Blue Lagoon through the surrounding moss-covered lava fields and you come to the alluring Silica Hotel, an award-winning design property embedded in the landscape. The biggest draw of this elegant hotel though is the fact that it has its own private bathing lagoon, making it the best possible way to experience. The silica in the lagoon is a mineral compound consisting of silicon and oxygen with the chemical signature SiO². When this bioactive mineral is suspended in water, it reflects only the blue wavelengths of visible light. The rest of the colors are absorbed, and the Blue Lagoon reveals its beautiful blue color.. Discover Blue Lagoon skin care products, created from the bioactive elements of geothermal seawater, silica, algae and minerals. Find out more at Blue Lagoon Shop USA Read the Silica Hotel, Blue Lagoon, Iceland hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel deals SILICA PURIFYING SHAMPOO All the products from Blue Lagoon Iceland are exceptional. I'm so glad that Amazon is offering this now. I highly recommend anything from Blue Lagoon. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse Patricia Herman. 1.0 out of 5 stars Product as with.

Stay by the amazing Blue Lagoon in Iceland at the Silica Hotel! On arrival your private driver will greet you at the airport. On the way to your accommodation you will have a sightseeing tour of Reykjanes peninsula, a UNESCO Global Geopark The Retreat Hotel, Iceland's first five-star hotel, was opened by the Blue Lagoon in 2018. The 62 suites have floor-to-ceiling windows with stunning views of the lava fields. The Retreat Spa is the epitome of luxury travel, with a pool, steam room, cold well, yoga, water massages, and many other treatments and services available for guests

Includes transfers to/from your hotel, entrance to the Blue Lagoon, silica mud mask, use of a towel, and a drink of your choice. Golden Circle and Friðheimar tour at 9am on Day 3 of your itinerary, including: transfers to/from your hotel, guided tour with local guide, and free Wi-Fi on the transfer bus. Tour duration: approximately 8 hours The silica mask, by comparasion, was a little drying on my skin but it did exfoliate well so is a useful product occasionally. Regarding application, at first I applied a thick layer of the mask but realized over time that this was unnecessary for a good result. I now apply a thin coat, twice a week The Blue Lagoon (Icelandic: Bláa lónið) is a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland.The spa is located in a lava field near Grindavík and in front of Mount Þorbjörn on Reykjanes Peninsula, in a location favourable for geothermal power, and is supplied by water used in the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power station.The Blue Lagoon is approximately 20 km (12 mi) from Keflavík.

The Blue Lagoon spa was formed in 1976, quite accidentally around the Svartsengi geothermal power-plant. The run-off water from the power plant is sea water, rich in minerals, and as the water ran through the surrounding lava field, it started to deposit silica, forming a mud which effectively plugged the holes in the lava field, creating the. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal seawater pool complex surrounded by the rugged lava and green hills of Grindavik. Relax in a spacious outdoor spa, taking in the dramatic landscape and breathing fresh ocean air. Ease any tensions, cleanse your skin and rejuvenate your senses with the Blue Lagoon's warm, soothing and mineral-rich water Silica at the Blue Lagoon aka the surface of the moon. This was a dream of mine for 10 years. To go to the Blue Lagoon, swim, tread water and be surrounded by some of the rockiest terrain anywhere in the world. A must do when in Iceland. Lisa C. almost 7 years ago

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Northern Light Inn. Hotel in Grindavík (0.5 miles from Blue Lagoon) This family-owned hotel features a wellness spa, fitness center and a fireplace lounge with panoramic views. Free shuttle busses run to and from the Blue Lagoon, just 0.6 mi away. Show more Show less Visit the world-famous Blue Lagoon and purchase the Comfort Package, giving you access to the legendary waters along with a towel, silica mud mask, and a drink at the in-water bar. Upon arrival, walk along a 300-meter lava corridor to the entrance of the main complex. Experience the new dimensions of wellbeing that the Blue Lagoon offers Mar 25, 2020 - Silica Hotel has won several design awards. Built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers an oasis of calm, relaxation and healing. . See more ideas about blue lagoon, hotel, lagoon Blue Lagoon is located in a welcoming area of Grindavik known for its array of dining options and cozy coffeehouses. Grindavik is home to 8 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something with the amenities you're looking for. Staying Near Blue Lagoon シリカが豊富な世界最大露天風呂「blue lagoon」(アイスランド)の神秘的な青色の湯を再現し、北欧温泉への旅気分をご自宅で満喫できる「silica.

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All visitors from Silica hotel Blue Lagoon Iceland get free access to the resort's very own Silica Lagoon, which is large enough to fit a full resort without really feeling crowded, and also each guest also gets a free of charge premium admission ticket to the (much busier) Blue Lagoon The Blue Lagoon is rich in silica, which is the most abundant element, and silica reflects visible light, while other colors are absorbed. That's why the color is bluer when the weather is nice and sunny. BLUE LAGOON FACTS & HISTORY. Before visiting the Blue Lagoon, we knew very little about the place and its history The silica is also the reason why the water in the lagoon has the most beautiful shade of blue. The temperature of the water in the lagoon stays pleasantly high throughout the year. Although the warm water is present in almost all parts of the lagoon and it is usually between 37 - 39 degrees Celsius, some parts might get a bit chilly if it.

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This soothing, gel-textured shampoo purifies and helps to relieve dry and irritated scalps. It contains revitalizing BLUE LAGOON MINERAL SALTS and strengthening BLUE LAGOON SILICA. These bioactives help to soothe and balance the scalp. Silica Purifying S Blue Lagoon Silica Body Scrub is a new formula offered by the Blue Lagoon Brand, whose products are made exclusively in Iceland. This particular formula is a nourishing and revitalizing scrub that leaves the skin in a much better and healthier condition after use. Those who use the product on a regular basis and as directed experience the best.

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Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel. The Silica Hotel is only a few minutes away from the Blue Lagoon and offers the chance to surround yourself with the lagoon's natural beauty for a night or more. The rooms are bright and luxurious in a simple way; the furnishings are minimalist, and the focus is on light and large windows that showcase the landscape The Blue Lagoon's geothermal silica seawater has some incredible healing effects on the skin, though it can cause your hair to become stiff and can even damage jewelry. Before hopping in the water, make sure you use a liberal amount of hair conditioner during the obligatory shower A video review of Silica Hotel in Iceland, close to the Blue Lagoon. In this video Jamal and I show you the inside of the hotel, inside room number 28 where.. Built on an 800-year-old lava flow on the Reykjanes Peninsula, the Blue Lagoon complex also has another 35-room hotel, Silica Hotel, in addition to the Retreat and public bathing area The Secret Lagoon is the oldest thermal bath in Iceland and is the complete opposite of the posh and highly publicized Blue Lagoon. It was built back in 1891!!! The water temperature is at 38-40 ° С all year round, so you can enjoy a warm bath any time you come to Iceland From there, Blue Lagoon was created, and ever since has served as an enchanting Icelandic landmark. Blue Lagoon became the focus of a scientific study in 1992, which in turn led to Blue Lagoon Limited, a company dedicated to the research and development of the water's primary elements: silica, algae, and minerals