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Compare Prices on Living Room Pics in Wall Decor Today I'm sharing some charming new home decor finds that I got at IKEA recently plus some stunning updates to my daughter's playroom. The before and after i..

I love decorating my house and I don't feel bad about that. It's the cycle of comparison and never feeling satisfied or content with what I already have that is the issue. I find that it's similar to loving my body My husband and I have only been married 5 years and I've moved into his family home, so decorating is a touchy subject at times. Thanks so much for the great advice! I'm going to share it with him and see if we can lose some of the extended family feeling and decorate the house to make us happy REDECORATING THE ENTIRE HOUSE - NEW FURNITURE + DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS!* Try Modsy yourself & get 20% off! *Code: KRISTENMLink: https://www.modsy.com/?utm_sour.. I'm always tweaking things, my house is never done. I love adding personality through charming architecture. I use open shelving. I re-arrange furniture to make our home work better for us. I try new things to get out of decorating slumps and feel inspired. I like to use natural materials to make my home feel warm. I love to incorporate the. I don't necessarily want what someone else has in their house but would love if maybe I was more confident in decorating my house. I could spend endless amounts of time reading blogs but feel overwhelmed when it comes to putting anything together in my own home. Some people are truly gifted with decorating and I wish I were one of them

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love this! now that my whole house is somewhat decorated, I've found my style. And it turns out my style doesn't really match how I decorated. Whoops!! I'm working on fixing up my master bedroom first and my lead piece was some new endtables. They made me love wood tones and textures DIY decorating. Welcome to my house tour! This was a new builder house that I transformed little by little into a more custom and charming home. It was a long journey, you can read my story of the long journey to a dream house in a new post here. I now live in a white brick cottage in Seattle, and you can follow along HERE as we make it our home 20 Living Room Design Ideas for the Gray Sectional Owner 20 Photos. 20 Basement Paint Color Ideas 20 Photos. 40 Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas That Aren't Black and Orange 40 Photos. 40 Black-and-White Christmas Decorating Ideas 40 Photos. HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams' 2021 Color Palette Dares to Delight Us All 11 Photos When we first decorated our house (pre-Pinterest) my husband and I both tore out photos from magazines and then compared them to determine what style we both love. In the end we came up with a style we like to call Romantic Beach House. Collect what you love and then look at what it all has in common and figure out how to define it Decorating is an ongoing process - A home isn't created in a day. You don't have to have it all planned out before you begin. Nothing you do is permanent - rooms can be repainted and furniture can be rearranged. Resist the urge to finish your house right away - It's okay for it to be in progress

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I love this post! I'm very much the same way. I've found a lot of feng shui books really interesting because of this concept. The Holistic Home by Laura Benko is one that has really resonated with me, it talks about how certain home or decorating habits are related to specific fears and how we can look to our house for healing etc. Thanks for sharing In a kitchen or bathroom, try painting the cabinets a new color or staining them. Use cheap fabric to reupholster your couches or chairs, and try a stain on your floors to change the color. Wood accents (on edges of furniture, the windowsills, trim, doors, etc.) can be painted or stained a bold new color I love decorating the house, seeing my family, and spending time with my girls. - Teresa Giudice #7 Level up your lamp. Sisal decoration is a good addition to your house, it looks natural and durable for a long time. You can add sisal to your lamp in your bedroom or office If your budget is small, don't despair--thrift stores, Craigslist, and flea markets have an abundance of well-made pieces for a bargain (check out more of my budget decorating tips here). And be patient. You don't have to furnish the entire house in one shopping trip. It's worth waiting to get pieces you will love for years to come. 2

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  1. So here's my list of 20 decorating ideas from my trip to the Southern Living Idea house to get started. Idea #1: magnolia wreaths Hang magnolia wreaths on the exterior windows from a ribbon attached above the molding
  2. When decorating my house for summer this year, I had to think what makes summer decor different from spring? I realized quickly, not much for me! ha! ha! I love my two story living room, but sometimes it really gets in the way of design ideas. I have had to scrap so many wall ideas because of them. It is so nice though to have this.
  3. d, it seems like it's trying so hard to be cute. And modern farmhouse is way too obvious a decor.
  4. And while my home is lovely, I know it will never be featured in House Beautiful or Better Homes & Gardens. And the thing is—I am totally okay with that. My goal is not to win any decorating awards, but to have a functional, cozy space that I love. For me, that means a space that is organized, free of clutter, and reflects my family's.

I love to decorate for holidays but my house looks so empty when I take the decorations down. I'm already sad that the holidays are over and then looking at my plain house makes it worse. I love how you talk about looking at a post-holiday home as a blank canvas. Interior decorating is one of my favorite hobbies and now I can look at a post. One color that I do love in all its various shades and intensities is blue. I'm not alone with this. Blue is overwhelmingly considered the most favorable color of both men and women. When I imagine how I would decorate my dream house (as I often do), I always envision shades of blue used throughout the rooms I love decorating my house with my DIY decor all year round (I recently did a bit of crafting for Valentine's Day!). But even when there are no particular holidays to focus on, I just fill my house with beautiful crafts that capture the vibe of the season. Spring dollar store crafts I can't decorate. I don't have a decorating bone in my body. I see stuff online and in the stores and I love it but putting it together at my house just seems like a huge task. Like can someone do this for me! For the holidays I had someone come put some stuff up on my front porch because I tried to do it and it was a disaster Thanks for taking the Spring tour of our kitchen! My hope is that you found some simple Spring decorating ideas for your kitchen. I'd love to hang out some more with you! You can follow me over on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook too! I like to keep it real and I would love to have you join me

My old house was a mid century modern with various shades of gray that flowed so well, and I had a bright blue door. I loved it and often think about creating a similar look with this house, though they are completely different styles of homes. This is my old house, which includes the exterior colors I loved and a peek into my overall style Also, like a lot of people, my decorating mojo is a bit on the low side this time of year. It's almost like I spent all of my creative juices during the frenzy leading up to Christmas. My brain and my body need a break. To combat the cold bare naked house syndrome, I've come up with a way that we can all make our winter decorating. Kelly has such an easy way of decorating, casual and calming all at the same time. And of course, I love her mix of antiques in there. She loves vintage things in her house and it adds so much character. A chair in a corner adds a pretty spot to sit and relax for a minute My House of Carters. Southern Life Crafts PEACHY TIERED TRAY DECOR. Summer is peach season! Why not decorate a tier tray with sweet peach themed decor? Mel Denver on Etsy The Salty Peach Shop Mega Sweet Creations. Southern Life Crafts. This is the cutest! Especially if you're repping Georgia

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  1. The Best of Modern - From Scandinavian to Farmhouse! Great Selection of Traditional Living Room Furniture! Free Shipping on Orders over $35
  2. Decorate how you love. (Oh, and my thrifted craft room was also turquoise!) 2. STOP ignoring your feelings. I am tired of cringing every time I come home. I want to come home and feel like a queen in a pretty, clean, well-organized home (um, I wish my kids could read this- clean, I say!!). If you're walking into your home and you're not.
  3. How to Decorate for Summer | Best Tips and Tricks. Summer is the time when I typically let the house breathe. It feels fantastic after the winter months to keep things simple. As much as I love seasonal decor, there's definitely something to be said for neutral and seasonless decor
  4. DECORATING THE NEW HOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 | CLEAN AND DECORATE WITH ME LIVING ROOMS | Love Meg Hi Everyone! Today we are going to be decorating for Christm..
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  6. I love anything that has to do with homes & decorating. My husband Steve often gets recruited into helping me finish things that I start! We are making our house a HOME one project at a time!! Grab My Button Blog Archive. Subscribe To. Posts Comments Blogs I Love.
  7. From: Jeff Troyer Associates. Mistake: Ignoring Lighting. Kitchens are lively spaces, so a designer pet peeve is when lighting is an afterthought. This before kitchen is seen on HGTV's Home Town. Solution: Use Different Types of Lighting. Use both overall light and task lighting in a kitchen

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I love the red sliding door. We did the same thing in our renovation. We found the original back door to the house in the basement and now it's on sliders as the door for our downstairs bathroom. The door has a window, so we frosted the glass and then stenciled our address on it. It's one of the favorite features of my house now Overall my coastal palette, shades of turquoise paired with natural textures and creamy whites and neutrals, suits summer so well that my house doesn't need much decorating this time of year. Here's a closer look at the second pottery piece I bought, which reminds me of ripples of sand under water (see here , here , and here for similar-ish)

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I love sharing my passion for decorating my forever home with DIY and Thrift Store Finds. I hope you enjoy my eclectic farmhouse style. How to Decorate with A Toolbox for Valentines. The first inspiration is my latest centerpiece for Valentine's! This is one of my favorite toolboxes because it large enough to hold many items I feel the house my boyfriend owns is not my home. I've lived with him 10 years and renovated this house decorated, with him, (him as the last say) but it is not home to me. I own another home that I rent out, this gives me income in my retirement. I love when renters move out and I get to be their and improve, or renovate it A delightful, refreshing book. I LOVE decorating books. They give me lots of ideas and inspiration. But THIS BOOK changed my perspective. The idea (behind the great ideas!) is that I'm not decorating my house, I am loving my house, and spreading joy. Taking simple pleasure in the beautiful, and savoring the moments My beloved grandparents lived in South Georgia on a dirt road. Their very small farmhouse (6 rooms) was a place of joy for me. They were actually farmers! I've been trying to get back to that house for most of my life. When the talented Jojo came around I was so excited - she spoke my love language!! But everyone else loved it too I love your ideas! I, too, have lost interest in decorating my home from a store. My favorite piece in my home at the moment is a table that my husband pulled out of a dumpster. I love that look. Our house sits on an acre of land and looks like an old farm house, even though it's not. I am wanting to decorate in the farm house motif. Well.

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If you love coastal style decorating as much as I do, I hope you'll get some ideas and inspiration for your own home. And, even it's not your go-to style all year, summer is a great time to infuse some easy, breezy coastal cottage decor into your home. Hello, friends! Today I'm sharing a little tour of our coastal cottage style summer home You love finding new design tricks. So do we. Let us share the best of them. I hesitated about doing a white kitchen in my own house, thinking I'd been there, done that. But I'm so glad I did Decorating My Sunroom for Fall. One of my favorite projects was the sunroom we built onto the back of our house a couple of years ago. It used to just be one big deck out there, but now we can enjoy the beauty of our wooded yard year-round. In July we went on vacation, and when we got home I had and email from a rep at a popular decor and.

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Chenille Ebony Pillow Cover, Decorative Geometric Throw Pillow, Housewares Decor, Home Decor Cushion Cover. SewDeevinePillows. From shop SewDeevinePillows. 5 out of 5 stars. (116) 116 reviews. $40.00 FREE shipping. Only 2 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Add to Favorites 6 Decorating Mistakes I Know About That I'm Making Anyway. I like to follow decorating trends to see what's new. Decorating my own home to be warm, cozy and inviting is a priority. Peaceful, calm, warm and inviting are the words that describe how I want my home to feel. To do this, I've added pillows and fabric, color and warm quilts to. Love your blog and all your creative ideas. I'm an interior designer and think you have a wonderful , yet practical sense of style! My vote is for floor mirror, since you lost a window on that wall, it will give you the reflective light you've lost and almost fell like a window. Any who, that's my 2 cents worth! Lyn

Chloe I love your mailbox decor. I have often thought of using your ideas on decorating the mailbox, but my mailbox matches my house with an orange tile roof over an off white stucco mailbox (looks like a house)anyway, I always think Christmas red or the red white and blue would look a little off if you know what I mean The room also has 2 windows with bright white custom 4 1/2 louvre shutters. & white double closet doors & white woodwork. White bedspread & white pillows. I love decorating with black & white. I also like very light shades of gray or very dark & white. Any advice for other 2 bedrooms, all 3 bedrooms are off a white hallway. I also love white

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Jul 11, 2019 - There is some really cool themes and decor in these rooms! Check it out !. See more ideas about decor, bedroom design, bedroom decor HERE's the zodiac ranking of neat to messy people as per astrology. 61. How do we take care of our home is a subtle reflection of ourselves. It exhibits our choice and preferences. And when the. A curated look does not have to take lots of money! Oh, no! But it does take persistence, a good design eye and a dose of creativity does not hurt! I love love love the mix of what I like to call high/low in a room! My living room is no exception. In it, you will find a couple splurge pieces

My version of choosing a whole house color palette doesn't actually involve picking specific colors. Because I love color so much, I would find that impossible to do for the whole house all at once. Instead, I pick color families and then use a few rules to apply those colors to my rooms when I'm decorating As we evolve, our homes should too. I love decorating my house, it makes me happy and it's also fun at the same time. With my new LG Velvet Dual Screen, I can compare the items and also order them simultaneously. @lg_india #LGIndia #ExploreTheNew #LGVelvet #DualScreen #multitasking #shoppingwithbipash

Apr 4, 2021 - This board is all about dining room decorating ideas. I hope you find tons of inspiration!. See more ideas about dining room decor, dining, decor okay, jess. here we go. OBSESSED. yes to you doing pink curtains. i just staged my house to sell and i did pink curtains in the living room, and i LOVE it. i have done pink in pretty much every room in some small way and i think it makes it a happy space. i love this whole post. i was so excited when i read the title. pink is my neutral and staple in color and decorating. there will be lots of. I'm so sad I'm pretty much done (when is decorating ever REALLY done though?) decorating my new modern farmhouse or I'd fill it with Opalhouse (my house is pretty much full of Project62 which is equally AMAZING)! Target is just KILLING it with design - LOVE that. And I love what you come up with when you style their products

My blog, Shiplap and Shells is about my home, garden, and our Pacific Northwest lifestyle. I live in a small beach cottage on the Puget Sound with my husband and sweet pups, Lucy, Jax, and Ollie. We have spent the last 9 years, renovating, reinventing, and adding character and charm to our 101-year-old home Not only am going to decorate with this brown sofa I'm going to learn to love it. My biggest complaint with decorating with a brown sofa is how dark it made my space. After doing a bit of research I discovered having a brown sofa doesn't mean it has to be dark and dreary. Check out these bright and beautiful spaces with dark sofas I love sharing decorating tips! I put together our Christmas living room without spending much at all, which always makes me happy. Pretty much everything in here is painted, repurposed, reused or bought on sale or from budget-friendly stores. I love decorating, but I don't spend crazy amounts on our house. Back to our little makeshift foyer My original plan was to paint the butterfly house turquoise and paint the shutters yellow. Then I got to thinking about red and maybe I could paint the butterfly house for my little sister who is an Arkansas Razorback fan. Plus I love red. I worked with cans of red paint I had on hand and I started with the red Behr Hi-Gloss enamel. I brushed a.

I love decorating my house for each season. It's fun to get festive and I also enjoy switching up the decor so I'm not looking at the same thing every day. Taking some really inexpensive items from dollar stores and turning them into something beautiful for your home is really fulfilling! Check out some of my favorites My boyfriend and not only just bought our first home, but are moving in together for the first time. From his fraternity bro styled house, my cluttered collections of hyper female decor; designing a house that blends our styles can be challenging. $100 goes a long way as recent grads in this new found exciting, but stressful, blending period It's an inexpensive way to add color and texture to any space. My gardeners, Ryan McCallister and Brian O'Kelly, selected a lovely collection of ferns, begonias, and topiaries to welcome my guests for St. Patrick's Day. Here are some photos, enjoy. Happy St. Patrick's Day. This evening, I am hosting a small and safe gathering to celebrate. Hi, friends! It's Debby from Pretty Healthy House here to share some tips and tricks for creating a gallery wall for a kids room. A couple of my New Year's resolutions are to print more photos and get more walls decorated. Gallery walls are my favorite because you can add meaningful pieces and create interest with different textures and shapes I knew instantly it was the one, but my husband wanted to see the other homes on the list. I can remember walking through the other houses and decorating this one in my head the entire day. It didn't take much for my husband to agree the front porch and so many other charming features were hard to pass up

The inside of my house is garbage, but I've decorated the entire outside of the island 100 percent. My wife's outside area is tiny and full of flowers, but her house is awesome on the inside. I actually love decorating my house. I have redone all the rooms a few times! 46. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 3m PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: My collection is 10 years in the making. It takes time to find these plates, but I love scouring flea markets, antiques stores, and estate sales almost as much as I enjoy using my pieces. ICING ON THE CAKE: The jadeites are my absolute favorite. My eyes are forever peeled for a jadeite hobnail one The house is older, built in 1937, with a lot of vacation house charm: wood-paneled walls, chipping paint, a closet-sized bathroom, and an outdated kitchen. An outdated everything actually. We were in love Welcome to our 2014 home tour as part of the Canadian Blogger Home Tour 2014!I'm excited to be co-organizing this tour with Shannon of AKA Design + Life, and I'm happy to be giving you a tour of my own home today.In case you are new here, here's a quick background on Our DIY House: We started building our home by ourselves in 2012 (we lived in an 800 square foot garage on our property previously) Today is a fun post for my decor-loving friends out there, because we have made serious progress on The Sugar Shack! As you recall, we closed on our little family lake house on Christmas Eve Eve, then spent a month or so hammering out the punch list. Now that most of that is complete, it's time to start the fun stuff decorating!

This week I decorated the AMAZING Scarlet Creative Zanzibar Hideaway, and I wanted to put more nature, plants, cozy vibes to create a real hideaway. I used 402 prims (House and decor). I love the result! Sending a message to the universe right now lol Hope you like it too I used some other amazing creators here: // Scarlet Creative Zanzibar Hideawa In January of 2020, when I set out to do #20in2020, I didn't expect to love the home decor challenge; but I did. It brought more intention to my purchases, more insight into what types of purchases will last for the long haul and more discernment on whether to bring something into my house or not

You can see all of the ideas for decorating so many areas of your house for spring all week and the sneak peeks are at the bottom of this post. Be sure to visit everyone throughout the week. Blue and white has really appealed to me lately so I thought I'd use some of my favorites out here and give some tips for incorporating it into your porch. My family lives in an old farm house, and the space above our new cupboards is only around an average of 6 inches room, some more some less since the ceiling isn't exactly level which makes it hard to decorate, but it looks really good at Christmas when we fill it with lighted garland

We purchased a lake house and the style just didn't fit. I've worked over the last 18 months decorating my home with the style that suits her location. I never had farmhouse style furniture, so my existing furnishings worked well. I love your Blog and look forward to what you have in store Because my kitchen gets a lot of use, especially this time of year, there is minimal decor on my countertops - a few bottle brush trees with gold, green, and red ornaments, a couple brass tea light holders, and small wire lights. Isn't it amazing how a string of lights instantly makes a space feel like Christmas *Ü* I have just painted my hall in black and white (with a zing of lime) and painted my mirror frame black and photo frames black too. My Halloween decor is identical to yours - ravens, Haunted House, gauze wrapped jars, glittery skeletons - spooky. I LOVE Halloween and so glad I visited your blog. TFS. ~Glen~ (in England) Reply Delet

We keep shopping simple: the best of modern. Real customer reviews. Furniture ships free. The Best of Modern - From Scandinavian to Farmhouse My advice is to take what applies to you, what you like, and leave the rest. It's just my interpretation and mostly for fun. All in all, this post is meant to serve as a guideline to you as you begin to find your decorating style. As always, my main advice will be to fill your home with what you love, what's meaningful, and what makes you. 10. You decorate your home like they paint the Mackinac bridge. As soon as they finish re-painting the 5-mile bridge, it's time to start over at the beginning. You move through your house like a decorating storm and as soon as you finish, you start over again at the beginning. Hobby-schmoby I love decorating my coffee table for the seasons! Styling a coffee table is where you get to display your interests, travels and collections in a beautiful way. These are my must have decorating accessories for a well styled coffee table: Design books: I stacked my beloved design books on each end and the bottom tier. Whether your interests. I know many of you love budget-friendly home decor and you know I share that preference when decorating my own home. I mean, we live hard in this house so spending thousands on a sofa just doesn't make sense for my family. Buying a second-hand sofa, or a chair from IKEA does make sense

Bee Designs - Pool Decor. July 4, 2021. July 4, 2021. Briony Writer Leave a Comment. on Bee Designs - Pool Decor. Bee Designs - Pool Decor - Happy Weekend Sales Bee Designs has their Pool Décor set on sale this weekend! [ My holiday aesthetic does not really change much from year to year. I love rustic decor with pops of bright, cheerful red. I'm drawn to kid-friendly holiday decorating, and to be honest, I pull a lot more inspiration form the Pottery Barn Kids catalog than the PB catalog I love to mix new and old pieces Decorating Secrets Are you ready for some of the best kept decorating secrets? If so, hold onto your fluffed pillows because this is the only place you will find the secrets for every room, shelf, window, furniture piece, mantel, patio, and more! {These photos were taken at the St. George UT Parade of Homes in 2010. Homeshows are great places to be inspired!

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And even if you don't have a sprawling porch, it's possible to add your own style. Meegan from Meegan Makes created her own beach themed porch for her condo by shopping her house (I love thrifty decorating) and a few DIYs. And it's adorable Many people love the look of a bearskin rug. Select a faux bearskin rug and place in front of a den or bedroom fireplace. There are many mountain motif area rug designs you can use throughout your lake house. You may decide to go with a plaid rug in a green and blue or red and brown and add them to the kitchen, foyer, and bedroom The hat belonged to my grandmother's cousin who grew up in the 1912 house where my mom lives. I love using vintage items in my decor too. Reply. Rosemary Palmer. June 28, 2021 at 9:07 PM. You have such a great eye for decorating and especially with all things vintage. One of these days I'm gonna show up on your doorstep I'm the opposite when it comes to building/painting, love the power tools and despise my paint brush, lol. I LOVE your new topic direction. I'm decor challenged I guess, I know what I want but can't seem to bring it all together cohesivly in a room Get inspired. There are so many places to look for ideas - House Beautiful is obviously a great place to start, but also Instagram and Pinterest, plus hotels and restaurants you visit, friends.

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I love decorating my house for the fall season. Whether it is to celebrate fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, you just can't decorate properly without pumpkins. This year I came up with some creative pumpkin decorating ideas by taking Dollar Tree pumpkins and turning them into DIY farmhouse pumpkins Love this post you did last December. This is what I wish my house looked like! Some will say that gray is going to look dated too, but one of my favorite posts on your blog is the one you wrote about the fact that gray is an ages old classic color. I also love the posts about the cool gray paint colors and the warm gray paint colors. Hmmm I love decorating my home with farmhouse decor, but buying those rustic decorations from the store can quickly get expensive. A great way to save money while decorating your home is to hack items you already have and create a fun new farmhouse DIY project.That's why I love this simple candle hack

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