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Wreck Beach Walk. Add to favourites. Great Otway National Park, Moonlight Head Road, Gellibrand Lower, Victoria, 3237. Website. 131 963 Call. A difficult but rewarding walk. Descending over 350 steps to Wreck Beach, the walk takes you to the anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji - haunting reminders of the treacherous nature of the sea. Access to Wreck Beach is via a walking trail from a car park which is located at the end of a gravel road that forks off Great Ocean Road at Moonlight Head. The best way to get there is by road. You do not need a 4-wheel-drive to get there. Even a small car in good repair will be able to comfortably negotiate the approach road to the car park Great Ocean Walk Wreck Beach is part of the Great Ocean Walk, and is the low tide route to Devil's Kitchen Hike-in campsite a few km's away. At high tide, an alternate inland route is strongly advised. The Gable Lookout The Gable Lookout is an easy short walk offering stunning coastal views of the ocean and reefs around Moonlight Head

Moonlight Head/Wreck Beach. About 16 kilometres south west from Lavers Hill look for a turn off onto Moonlight Head Road from The Great Ocean Road. About 10 minutes slow driving along this unsealed road is a carpark near Moonlight Head. A pleasant walk through a stand of casuarina trees ('Wind in The Willows' sounds) brings you to a. From Verona Road, follow the track uphill and onto the fire trail which eventually takes you onto Wreck Beach walk. Walking through this lush coastal angophora forest leads onto a small cove, with beautiful sand and open views of the ocean, which is perfect for seasonal whale watching. You might even spot a bottlenose dolphin frolicking with.

Wreck Beach Walk. A secluded spot nestled between dramatic cliff faces will lead you to Wreck Beach. Though the journey there may be a little tough (it's around an hour and a half to get here on a 2-kilometre trail), the end result is surely worth it. Here you'll discover the anchors of two ships that ran aground- Fiji and the Marie Gabrielle The landscape and wild nature of this iconic long distance walk will engage your mind, body and soul. Wreck Beach features shipwreck anchors embedded in rock, a stark reminder to visitors how dangerous and powerful the Southern Ocean waves can be. Tall forests leading up to Cape Otway pass through wet fern and rainforest gullies sheltered by. A relaxed driving holiday over 3 days providing a sample of the beaches, rainforests, wildlife, villages and flavours along the Great Ocean Road. Finishes in the famous Coonawarra wine region. 4 DAYS Great Ocean Road And Rainforest Experience. Four days of sightseeing along the coast and hinterland with time to explore the wonders of the Otways.

The walk was designed and built to be walked in an east-west direction. This will maximise views and generally provides the best gradient to reduce impacts from walkers and congestion of the walk and its facilities. Official Great Ocean Walk Maps and Brochures are available for purchase at surrounding certified Visitor Information Centres GREAT OCEAN WALK . A WALK ALONG A WILD AND WONDERFUL COAST. The Shipwreck coast of Victoria is a wild and untamed land once you step away from the Great Ocean road. This fantastic coastal walk will take you on journeys rich in history and unspoilt natural wonders.Each day on the Great Ocean Walk promises varied terrain and spectacular views.We have been operating this walk since it first. Wreck Beach (2.1km, 1 hour) Start/finish: Wreck Beach car park. The car park is at the end of a gravel road that leaves the Great Ocean Road at Moonlight Head, west of Cape Otway. Descend more than 350 wooden steps to a beach in the shadow of high sandstone cliffs Turn off the Great Ocean Road 34km east of Port Campbell at the Moonlight Head sign; A 4.5 km rough gravel road track will bring you to the Wreck Beach Car Park, 366 steps from the car park will deliver you onto the beach. The anchor of the Marie Gabrielle is viewable 400m to the west of the steps

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Great Ocean Road Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges Goldfield Stretching from the seaside village of Apollo Bay west to the 12 Apostles, the Great Ocean Walk passes along a dramatic coastline of soaring cliffs and remote beaches, with tangents exploring giant eucalypt forests full of kangaroos, wallabies and koalas, and meandering estuaries brimming with birdlife. Then there are the beach stretches where. Where to Stay on the Great Ocean Walk. Accommodation options on the Great Ocean Walk range from campsites to youth hostels to hotels. There's something to suit every budget and walking style. 1. Camping. Camping is a great option in the summer months when Victoria enjoys scorching days and mild evenings

YOU'LL WALK 104KM OF THE GREAT OCEAN WALK IN 6 DAYS. Day 1: Apollo Bay to Blanket Bay - 22km. Day 2: Blanket Bay to Aire River - 21km. Day 3: Aire River to Johanna - 14km. Day 4: Johanna to Ryan's Den GOR - 15km. Day 5: Ryan's Den GOR to Wreck Beach - 14km. Day 6: Wreck Beach to Twelve Apostles - 18km The Great Ocean walk is one of Australia's most popular Bucket List walks. Whilst the famous Great Ocean Road doesn't always follow the coastline, this walk allows you to go where the road doesn't. To walk the entire Great Ocean Walk from Apollo Bay to the impressive Twelve Apostles is a staggering 104kms, taking around 8 days A great starting point is the 2km Shelly Beach walk, only a 10 minutes drive from Apollo Bay. From there, shine your gaze towards the Cape Otway Lighthouse , the haunting shores of Wreck Beach and everything in between

The walk starts in Apollo Bay, on the Great Ocean Road any time after 2 pm. There is the option this afternoon to walk 8kms (2hrs) to Shelly Beach to shorten Day 2. There is also an optional walk to Mariners Lookout which we provide detailed notes on, for panoramic views over the ocean and Apollo Bay village Highlights of the Great Ocean Walk include the Twelve Apostles, plus more stunning views as you progress along the track at Castle Cove and at The Gables, as well as Wreck and Johanna beaches. The pristine nature and deafening surf make Johanna Beach one of the ultimate beach walks The Great Ocean Walk is a long-distance walk of up to eight days shadowing Australia's Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Each walk day is unique with nature's drama unfolding at every step through the Great Otway and Port Campbell national parks. Start from the resort town of Apollo Bay in the east and finish at the iconic Twelve Apostles near.

The Great Ocean Walk gives you an understanding of the tumultuous conditions these ships faced when entering Victorian waters. You can even see the washed up anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji ships by descending 366 stairs to Wreck Beach. Read more about the local industry here. More tips: Click here for all walk itinerarie Wreck Besch to the Twelve Apostles. Total distance over the 6 days, 105 kms

Two of the most striking and well known relics are the rock embedded Anchors of the Fiji, and the Marie Gabrielle, located at the appropriately named Wreck Beach. These visually striking anchors serve as a permanent memorial to those who perished here. Famous Shipwrecks --> Great Ocean Road Homepag Great Ocean Walk: go big. at Moonlight Head and are often able to spy remnants of the many ships sunk along this tract of the Shipwreck Coast at Wreck Beach. Related Video. Great Ocean Road makes national heritage list. Mt Buffalo Chalet: Garden of the gods What better place to commence the walk and get your bearings than The Gables Lookout, one of Australia's highest cliff-top vistas. More than 300 ships have come to grief on this stretch of coastline. Your first stop is aptly named Wreck Beach. It's a suitable reminder of those early days and treacherous ocean voyages

There are few better places to see Australian wildlife first-hand than on the Great Ocean Road on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk - this trail is alive with native flora and fauna: birds, fur seals, wallabies, koalas, and many plant species unique to this special corner of the world. Learn about the land through the eyes of the first Australians and the British convicts transported here on. This leading attraction on the Great Ocean Road is a must for all visitors. Built in 1848, the lighthouse known as the 'Beacon of Hope,' sits 90 metres above the pristine ocean of Bass Strait. Hundreds of lives were lost along this shipwreck coast - a sad but fascinating history which led to the building of the Lightstation on the cliffs. If you're camping at Ft. Stevens or just want a nice walk on the beach then visiting the Peter Iredale Shipwreck makes sense. The ship was built in 1890 and the shipwreck happened in 1906 while traveling up the coast from Mexico and trying to navigate the entrance to the Columbia River with cargo destined for Portland The Razorback is yet another rock formation that one can view when visiting the Loch Ard Gorge precinct. It lies along the same path that takes one from the parking lot to Tom and Eva, and lies a further 5 minutes walk up the path.. The name is given to a limestone stack that stands in a cove that is constantly subjected to the forces of wind and water erosion of the Southern Ocean The Great Ocean Walk Map is available as a booklet or a fold out map and is included in the price of your walking package with Walk91. BUY HERE! You can step off the track at the following points: Marengo, Shelly Beach, Blanket Bay, Parker Hill, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Aire River, Castle Cove, Johanna Beach, Milanesia Gate (3 ways), Ryans Den.

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The Great Ocean Walk is a long-distance walk of up to eight days shadowing Australia's Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Each walk day is unique with nature's drama unfolding at every step through the Great Otway and Port Campbell national parks. Start from the resort town of Apollo Bay in the east and finish at the iconic Twelve Apostles near. There are lots of crowds along this route but this River and beach area was one of the least crowded places to visit on the Great Ocean Road. #13 Island Arch, Port Campbell National Park This part of Port Campbell National Park is an area that is one of the most popular things to do on The Great Ocean Road The drive from Warrnambool may only be 28 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road, but don't let that short distance fool you. This is the wild south-west, and the road here will wind you alongside the unspoilt and untamed shoreline of the Belfast Coast, past the dazzling greens of the rolling hills and nature reserves and in view of the. Great Ocean Walk displays relics from some of the shipwrecks and ship that were essentially the primary means of access before the Great Ocean Road and of the life of what was an extremely isolated community. Anchors from the Marie Gabrielle and Fiji are embedded in the rocks at Wreck beach and can be seen on low tide. Discover more

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  1. s) Accom: Apostles Motel and Country Retreat. Meals: BLD (Dinner in Port Campbell) This is the last section of our Great Ocean Walk. With the tide in our favour and there is ample time to explore the famous Wreck Beach
  2. utes' down the Great Ocean Road from the world-famous Twelve Apostles, discover another mighty rock stack and a stunning sandy beach enclosed by sheer yellow coloured limestone cliffs. The nearby Mutton Bird Island hosts a daily wildlife spectacular, while Loch Ard Gorge was the scene of the Shipwreck Coast's most famous shipping disaster
  3. Wreck Beach Anchor, Great Ocean Road Rusty anchor of a shipwreck at Wreck Beach. hiking the great ocean walk on wreck beach, victoria in australia Shipwrecked - Old Shipwreck on a Beach (Black & White Image). Moffat Beach, Queensland (QLD), Australia. Inside remnants of cargo ship hull after heavy sea corrosion and rust on sandy empty beach.
  4. 8 Major attractions along the Great Ocean Road drive. 8.1 The Arch and the London Bridge. 8.2 Port Campbell High Viewpoint. 8.3 Loch Ard Gorge, the Razorback, Tom and Eva point. 8.4 The 12 Apostles. 8.5 Great Otway National Park. 8.6 Carisbrook Creek stacked rocks beach. 8.7 Lorne Pier and the Teddy's lookout
  5. Walk the end of the Great Ocean Walk to the 12 Apostles. Arrive at the 12 Apostles at a walker's pace. From Princetown it is a 7-kilometre (4.3-mile) moderate walk on boardwalk, crushed gravel, steps and rubber tiles. Savour stunning coastal views and look for kangaroos and birdlife
  6. From Verona Road, follow the track uphill and onto the fire trail which eventually takes you onto Wreck Beach walk. Walking through this lush coastal angophora forest leads onto a small cove, with beautiful sand and open views of the ocean, which is perfect for seasonal whale watching. Enjoy a walk barefoot along the beach as the water laps at.

Loch Ard Gorge, Great Ocean Road. Port Campbell, Victoria 3269. Australia's Great Ocean Road is a fascinating part of the world, stuccoed with brash orange beaches, a plethora of natural rock formations, and incredible views that stretch out for miles and miles Wreck Beach Green moss and golden sand set the backdrop to wreck beach. The rusted anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and Fiji are stark reminders of the power of the ocean and the shipwreck history of Victoria's southern coast. One of the few places where the Great Ocean Road meets the Great Ocean Walk. Trees, wildflowers and grassy terrain.

If you have any questions about the Great Ocean Walk Highlights, feel free to ask one of our destination consultants or to speak with one of our guides. You can get in touch with us via our contact form, email us at info@auswalk.com.au, or call us on +61 3 9597 9767. Map. MAP Walks and waterfalls of the Otways. The Great Ocean Road might be famous for its great ocean views, but the lush rainforests of the Great Otway National Park are just as great - and because most travellers stay glued to the coast, it's easy to find yourself in some pretty magical spots with hardly anyone else around. Maits Rest Rainforest Walk is only minutes off the Great Ocean Road (16. Officially opened in 2012, The Surf Coast Walk was developed and funded by Surf Coast Shire Council, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, Parks Victoria and Regional Development Victoria. Surf Coast Walk website. Anglesea. Sample Anglesea's twisting clifftop, beach, river, woodland and heathland tracks on the 22.6km Anglesea Perimeter Walk.

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ocean view also. 10. Charlestown Town Beach. 90. Beaches. Beautiful neighbor surrounds the beach; great place for a walk in the morning. 22. Pebbly Beach. 3. Beaches. 23. South Kingstown Town Beach. 26. Beaches. Recommend it highly but get there by noon on great beach days or weekends or you may have trouble finding a park. 27. Spend the last two nights in a privately run campground that is situated on the Great Ocean Walk but has shower facilities. We supply all the camping gear, set up your campsite and supply your food each day. STARTING DATES. 6 DAY. . September 2021 - 19th, 26th. October 2021 - 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st Located at Wattle Hill on the Great Ocean Road, just 20 minutes from the 12 Apostles, 30 minutes to Port Campbell and less than 3 hours from Melbourne, Alkina Lodge is close to other major attractions including the Great Ocean Walk, the Great Otway National Park, Wreck Beach, The Redwoods, Apollo Bay and Johanna Beach Take in the salty ocean vistas, go surfing, fishing or hike a section of the Great Ocean Walk. Book now. Johanna Beach Campground has 25 sites. There are non-flush toilets and no showers. Campers must provide their own drinking water. Take a break from your Great Ocean Road drive at this low-key campground. The westerly facing breaks of Johanna. The Great Ocean Walk is a walking trail located on the Great Ocean Road region between Apollo Bay and the iconic Twelve Apostles, traversing several areas of historical and cultural significance. Wreck Beach. Descending over 350 steps from the carpark,.

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From start to finish, there's adventure, intrigue and beauty along the Great Ocean Road. One of the world's most scenic coastal drives, the Great Ocean Road winds along the Southern Ocean on the south-west coast of Victoria, starting at Torquay and finishing in Allansford. It was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932, and at 255 km, it's the world's longest war memorial ULTIMATE 2 DAY TOUR. This tour is the most action packed 2 day tour in Victoria! For those short on time and looking to experience the best the Grampians & Great Ocean Road have to offer then this is the tour for you. Over 2 days you'll walk over ancient sandstone mountain ranges, explore waterfalls, experience the 12 Apostles without the. Of course, there is the most famous surfing beach in Australia at Bells Beach (mentioned above), but there are also plenty of other incredible surf beaches along the coast such as Jan Juc, Johanna and Winki Pop - and our Guide to the Top 10 Surf Beaches on the Great Ocean Road can help walk you through them. Golf Courses on the Great Ocean Road Stay at this 3.5 Star Port Campbell motel, a short drive to the spectacular Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road. The motel is five minute walk to restaurants, the beach, jetty and shops. Welcome to the Best Western Great Ocean Road Motor Inn, a Port Campbell motel boasting comfortable, tastefully decorated, non-smoking rooms with decks The Great Ocean Road is famous for its winding, cliff-hugging drive culminating in the spectacular and rugged coastline of the Port Campbell National Park, home of the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Gibson's Steps, and even more stunning natural attractions

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The Great Ocean Road is one of the only scenic drives in the world that can claim a mix of rugged scenery, some of Earth's tallest trees, sea stacks of towering rock, and surfers. But marsupial. Self-guided walk staying in campsites on the Great Ocean Walk. Great Ocean Road Shuttle provide water, move your heavy rucksacks and transfer you from the 12 Apostles back to Apollo Bay at end of your walk. Day 5 - (13km) Ryans Den, via Wreck Beach to Devils Kitchen. Day 6 - (16km) Devils Kitchen to 12 Apostles. Transfer back to Apollo Bay. Good Times Tours is owned and operated by Jono Ingram and leads small group camping & backpacker stay trips to Wilsons Promontory, Grampians and the Great Ocean Road.We also specialise in taking guests on self-guided multi-day private tours along Victoria's epic Great Ocean Walk.Our adventures are about being active and enjoying some of the best short hikes, beaches, waterfalls, sunsets.

'Tween Bays', Ocean Beach Road, 3/39 - 'Tween Bays', Ocean Beach Road, 3/39 entices guests with 4 bedrooms with views of Shoal Bay. The venue comprises of 3 bathrooms, an equipped kitchenette area and a terrace This is the homesite for Southern Anchorage Retreat, Moonlight Heads. It is located on the Great Ocean Road, just 15 min from Laver's Hill as you head towards the Twelve Apostles and Port Campbell. It is luxury accommodation with amazing views Travelling along the Great Ocean Road, you can't help but notice Australia's famous Twelve Apostles creating a dramatic scene along Victoria's coastline. Although not all of the original Apostles remain standing, this sight will pull you into a moment of tranquility and astonishment found nowhere else in the world

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There is the Maha'ulepu Coastal Trail beginning on the left of the beach, the cliff-jump out at the point, turtles and whales out in the ocean and a surf break when the swell is up! Shipwrecks is in Poipu and not too far from popular tourist town Kapa'a. It's a great spot for a chill session if you don't want to head all the way north. To reach the wreck site, walk north along the beach about 1,000 yards from the park boundary. The wreck site lies on the first offshore reef in 10-15 feet of water, approximately 200 yards from shore at latitude 27° 50.544' N, 80° 29.931' W

The Coastal Walk encompasses many smaller sections of Ocean Beach walking trails, some along gravel tracks and parts along the sandy beaches. It changes from rugged rocky ocean coast at Cape Schanck to dense coastal vegetation along the way and finally to the famous sandy surf beaches through Rye and Sorrento 2. Wreck Beach. The pick of Stéphane Deschenes, host of the Naturist Living Show for more than a decade, is Wreck Beach. It's secluded location is found at the base of a steep trail that descends from the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. 'The best nude beach is the one near you that you can access Peak Head Torndirrup National Park. Bald Head Torndirrup National Park. This is a versatile walk with many possible options which can be done in either direction. The sealed path between Emu Point and Ellen Cove (4.6km) follows Middleton Beach with several access points to the beach and car parks and is relatively flat

Book your New Smyrna beach condo or home directly online or call 386-478-7863 today. We have the largest selection of oceanfront vacation rentals in New Smyrna Beach. GreatOceanCondos.com is the trusted leader in vacation rentals on the central east coast of Florida with hundreds of listings Great Ocean Walk Journey Planner. The Great Ocean Walk is a long-distance walk of up to eight days shadowing Australia's Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Each walk day is unique with nature's drama unfolding at every step through the Great Otway and Port Campbell national parks. Bookings are required for camping. Track fees do not apply The Miami Beach Walk. One of the most fantastic features of this city is the path that runs along the eastern shore of Miami Beach, which consists of paver roads, boardwalks, sandy stretches, biking paths and promenades. Most commonly known as the Miami Beach Boardwalk, it officially runs from 5th Street in South Beach to 46th Street at. Winks Wreck: MP2 area. This wreck sits in 15 to 20 feet of water about 100yrds or so off the beach between MP2 and MP3. It was called the Winks wreck as it is near the Winks store located at Eckner St and the beach road

This incredible walk spans across 100 kilometres (62 miles) of dramatic coastline between Apollo Bay and the iconic 12 Apostles.There are shorter walks dotted along the coastal strip, including Crayfish Bay, perfect for snorkelling, and The Gables, offering one of the most spectacular clifftop lookouts across the Great Ocean The Great Ocean Road tour is a journey along one of the world's most spectacular coastal drives! Twist and wind along the spectacular Great Ocean Road enjoying awesome coastal photo opportunities. Stop to spot kangaroos and the abundance of other Australian wildlife. Witness the magnificent surf beaches. Enjoy a guided walk amongst the. THE GREAT OCEAN WALK. The Great Ocean Walk opened in 2004, a walk connecting 104 kilometers of walking trails that follow the coastline near The Great Ocean Road, stretching from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles. In 2011, The Great Ocean Road was added to the Australian National Heritage List. Great Ocean Road Worksheet A great wildlife walk, this trail takes you through the sand dunes from the Coorong Lagoon to the ocean beach. Jack Point Pelican Observatory Walk (20 mins return, 1.2km) Navigate this trail on Google Street View . A great walk for families winding through the dunes to a viewing area overlooking pelican breeding islands

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Orchid Beach Platypus Bay Rooney Point Carree— zone 9 Diray—zone 9 Duling—zone 8 Ocean Lake—zone 8 Ngkala Rocks Teebing (Wathumba spit) Orange Creek Towoi Creek South Pacific Ocean fenced 30km/h inland roads 40km/h beach pedestrian areas 80km/h Eastern beach Sandy Cape Lighthouse gate 50km/h Hook Point inland road Survive your drive All. Located a short distance from Cape Otway, the waves found at Johanna Beach are the creme de la creme, so much so it played host to the World Surfing Championships in 1970. Best accessed via car from the Great Ocean Road, the journey will prove to be worth it with distinct bars, rip channels and waves averaging over 1.5 metres high

Step by step directions for your drive or walk. Easily add multiple stops, live traffic, road conditions, or satellite to your route. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Explore Great outdoor areas for entertaining and just a short walk to beach. Sleeps 6 3 bedrooms 4 beds. 5.0 (1) Free cancellation up to 14 days before check-in Clean 1 Bedrm Ocean Walk condo! Near Village! Free Wifi! Sleeps 2 1 bedroom. Wonderful! 4.9/5. 4.9 (42) Free cancellation up to 14 days before check-in Great neighborhood Efficiency. 3.

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to start your walk. Leaving the Great Ocean Road behind us, the afternoon begins amongst tea-tree with regular cliff top ocean vistas before entering an enchanting grass tree forest. Soon after, drop down onto Johanna Beach for two kilometres of soft sand walking with the ocean only metres from your feet Beach name Beach report Visiting public shores. Check beach closures. before swimming, surfing, or kayaking. Check shellfish safety. before harvesting shellfish. Don't trespass. Please stay within park boundaries. Pick up trash. Glass, plastic, and other trash are hazardous to wildlife and people.. Colony Beach | Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, ME. At the mouth of the Kennebunk River lies this 150-foot gem of a beach. Walk on the Breakwater rocks for harbor views and great fishing. Low tide offers tidal pools for the kids to explore 6 Wye Road. A well formed fire access road from Separation Creek to the Benwerrin inland connecting road and ultimately Forrest township. Time: Open-ended, depending on how far you want to walk. Difficulty: Easy with moderate gradients. Start: The proper start is at the Great Ocean Road 1 km north of Separation Creek

Rum Point beach is great for viewing fish and stingrays (Do not feed or touch these rays, only look, you are not at stingray city) the coral is by the point at the Retreat Condos. Walk over on the beach and enter the water from the condos, the coral heads are on the right about 40yards from shore Loblolly Bay, Anegada, BVI. British Virgin Islands. Ranked one of the world's best beaches, Loblolly Beach boasts miles of secluded, unspoiled sand lined with hammocks and sun shelters. For sandy recreation, explore its beach bars and restaurants, 360-degree lookout or a 50-foot walkout into the ocean. Add to trip planner 2. Johanna Beach. One of the campgrounds for the Great Ocean Walk, Johanna Beach is a popular attraction in itself due to its location along the coast. This is a great place to camp for the night or to pay a visit during the day as the beach is beautiful with lovely views out to sea Johanna Beach campsite is about an hour from the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge and the most popular camping ground for surfers along the Great Ocean Road (the beach is unpatrolled and remote). It's the perfect spot for getting away from the world for a while and enjoying the ocean scents

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Chi B&B is at the heart of the Great Ocean Road and one of the only stops on the Great Ocean Walk that is only meters away from track. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Glenaire, Aire River and just down the road from Castle Cove Beach and Lookout, you will Find your Chi by indulging your senses, allowing you relax, revitalize and take a. DELRAY WRECK. Beach Dive Location: 150 yards off the south end of Delrays Public Beach. This steel-hulled freighter, sunk in the 1920s, has become a very popular diving location that is excellent for the beginner. Many varieties of soft and hard corals have taken over the remains, which are now in three distinct parts Centuries of shipwrecks are strewn along Cape Hatteras National Seashore's 70-mile coastline, hugged by North Carolina Highway 12. Pull off to walk the beach and you may see weathered pieces from the crumbling wrecks pulled from the depths by a storm. Sea turtles nest on pristine beaches as hawks, ospreys, and eagles coast overhead Call into the Visitor information Centre and discover the best kept secrets from the locals. A: 89 Merri St, Warrnambool P:1800 637 725 E: vic@warrnambool.vic.gov.au. Open 7 days 10.00am-5.00pm, closed Xmas Day

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  1. A pretty seaside town on Victoria's spectacular Great Ocean Road, Lorne sits between the bushland of Great Otway National Park and a beautiful surf beach. The Lorne section of the Great Ocean Road is also the town's main street. Rows of shops, cafés, and restaurants line one side of the road, facing a grassy foreshore and the sandy beach
  2. Known as one of the best wreck dives in Western Australia, this wreck was scuttled in 2001 and now has extensive coral and sponge growth. The wreck is 133 long with its deepest point at 36m. The dive is suitable for novice divers to technical divers as well so book your dive in ahead of time. Stop 3: Middleton Beach and Ellen Cov
  3. 472 West Mountain Road Lenox, MA Phone: 413-637-0320. Come and enjoy walking seven miles of trails with access to Lenox Mountain summit. Universally accessible trail (0.3 miles) and boardwalk overlooking Pike's Pond and an active beaver colony. Summer camp and canoe trips offered on the Housatonic River
  4. Explore an array of Old Saybrook, CT vacation rentals, including houses, cottages & more bookable online. Choose from more than 293 properties, ideal house rentals for families, groups and couples. Rent a whole home for your next weekend or holiday

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